Foreign “white-haired old lady” I’ll be wearing, mirror selfie Funny fashionable, but also looks old beauty

Many a grandmother older generation, because of aging problems abandon dress, feel they have old, regardless of dress or do not dress up, do not care about anyone. In actual fact, a woman no matter how old, need the help of the dress to show their attitude towards fashion and pleasure themselves, rich life.

The share of foreign elderly blogger Sophie Fontanel stylish outfit for everyone, really speak the foreign “white-haired old lady” I’ll be wearing, mirror selfie Funny fashionable, but also looks old beauty, with a look !

First, the funky independent of age

Many of us who, because of their age and neglect to dress up, especially to the sixties and seventies, even seventy or eighty years, always tend to choose the market grandmother wear, so wear that will not make people feel out of place .

But the dress has been a very personal thing, understated simplicity of course true, but with a different kind of match to show their own style, but also a way of dressing, and make you look more fashionable decent living as a lot of people envy look.


Take as an example the blogger Sophie Fontanel, although her gray hair, skin dark yellow, but clean and stylish and modern outfit, as well as self-confidence exhibited by glory, let her have beyond the age of charm.

And in her outfit, we can see, for grandma grandma is not limited to a single product installed, all kinds of fashion items can easily manage.

Like Puff shirt, suit, silhouette suit, wide leg pants, bell-bottoms or skirts, can be a lady who concave shape of magic.

In addition to enhance the fashion sense, but such a single product can also play jianling effect, so that the elderly women dress more younger, and no sense of old-fashioned.

Of course, if you are concerned or brightly colored shirt Puff various colors difficult to manage a single product, we can according to their own needs, to select white T, striped shirt or jeans.


Second, a single product with a lifting profile modern sense

Many factors affect the dressing effect, in which the version played a key role, especially for a grandmother older generation, but also need to choose their own version, such as oversize single product.


Version profile using a single product will not be as easy to give a single product Slim narrow sense, but to highlight a part of the outfit’s personality and uninhibited, both concave shape, or enhance the fashion sense, the effect is very outstanding.

But using the profile shape of a single product, but also should be noted that two grandma detail.

First, of course, a single product profile liberal bias, but not the more relaxed the better, too large for only bring loose dirty feeling, would not achieve the effect of lifting gas field, you can moderately loose.


Second, it is recommended grandma adopt some tough material, minimalist cut silhouette single product, refused to limp fabric, in order to profile a single product unruly and handsome owned released.

Third, by printing a single product, single product line to enhance the color recognizable


Heart of beauty in everyone, grandma are no exception, color fashionable to wear clothing style, we can make use of color printing element or a single product line to enhance recognizable.


Like the color line prints or retro small floral jacquard pattern, attached to the shirts, suits or accessories, you can easily break the monotony, produced impressive results.

In addition, stripes, plaid or wave point elements can also play this effect, but either adopt, do not forget to follow the principle of combining Traditional and Simplified.

Can add highlights of modeling techniques, including the use of color is also a single product line, such as dark green, ginger, rose red or sky blue, vivid color and by age.

If you worry about color control system is not good, so long as it is on the lower body or do the ride on it.

Fourth, to act as a finishing touch with accessories


With the addition of accessories of any style, sophistication and sense of integrity will be further enhanced. Grandma if they want to wear clothing with fashion sense, you can use accessories to play a finishing touch effect.


Bloggers Sophie Fontanel very good means of gold necklaces, rings, belts, hats or bags to add fashion sense, especially gold necklaces and rings.

Used to adorn shirts, suits or jump suits, effortlessly enhance the overall look of the glossy, full of retro tone.


That’s all for this time for everyone to share, can be seen from the above, the age has nothing to do with fashion, they even gray-haired grandma, still has a long Amy’s heart, and put into action, can wear delicate nature fashionable, live out their own wonderful, do you think?

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