Brandi literacy: brandy VS whiskey

Brandi and whiskey are famous world famous spirits. Brands are famous in the world and have a deep origin with the war. In the 1901 France and Spain’s war, they were famous for their sorrows in Napoleon. Whiskey is deeply referred to, and whiskey is known, full of winemaking people. What is the difference between these two?

I. Brewing process

Brandy, originally from the Dutch Brandewijn, meaningful wine. Speaking, it means that the highly alcohol obtained by distillation after grape fermentation, and the wine stored by oak barrels. Brande is a distilled wine, with fruit as a raw material, which is made of fermentation, distillation, and storage. Distiline with grapes is called grape white, often speaking, Brands, refers to the grapes. With other fruit raw materials, they should be made with the name of the fruit, apple brandy, cherry whiteland, but their well-known is far less than the former.

The word whiskey is ancient language living in the Ireland and the Scottish Highlands, the ancient Irens, called this wine as Visage-Beatha, ancient Scottish called Visage Baugh. After the millennium change, it gradually evolved into WHISKEY. Whiskey is a raw material with cereals such as barley, rye, oatmeal, wheat, corn, fermented, distilled into oak barrels, alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages, belong to distillation. Simple grain whiskey is generally not commercially available, only mixed whiskey with malt whiskey can be sold. The Bourbon whiskey (Bourbon WHISKY) is mainly based on corn (51-75% corn). Both are distilled wine, just different raw materials.

Second, brandy

Brande is most famous in France. There are two famous Branda Real Estate Districts in France: a Coganc, another is an ArmaGNAC.

According to the French alcohol, the prototype preservation law stipulates that only the grapes, distillation, and grape distillation wine stored in the oak barrel in the French cognac to be called Cognac, and the grapes produced by the same process in other areas. Distiline can’t be called Cognac. The grape variety used by Yama is completely consistent with the dry wine, but the storage method is different. Yama is stored in the black oak barrel, positioned in the idyllic white, and most of the wine is stored in the “Lichsen” oak barrel. Located in all brandy.

Cognac, its grade and the original wine have a direct relationship in the long shorting of the indigenous age in the oak barrel, and the cognac is divided into many grades. From low to high, it is VS level (wine age in 4 and a half below), VSOP level (wine) The age of 4 and a half is between 4 and a half years), XO (more than 6 years or more), EXTRA level, the longer the storage time of dry wine, the better the quality, the higher the price.

Third, whiskey

Whiskey is more well-known in Scotland, and the brand sold in mainland China has red label and Black Label, as well as Chivas, Chivas, Chivas, produced by Shu Shi, Chivas, Royal Salute and 12 Years. Ballantines, which is produced by Brew, Baili, etc., these Scottish whisters are unique, and the whiskey produced by other countries is significantly different from other countries.

Fourth, drinking method


Brandi and whiskey are spirits, the taste is spicy, the brand is slightly fruit flavor, but the juice drinking in peace is two tastes; whiskey is divided into a variety of, Scotland mixed whiskey with smoked big wheat flavor, US Washproof Tobacco.

Whiskey plus ice cubes and soda, so drinking is not so strong, the taste is relatively peaceful, the soda produces a lot of carbon dioxide gas, drinking, the cold wine rushed from the nose. When you drink, you can’t add ice but also slightly. Drinking whiteland, with a special glass – brandy cup. Every time I go to the glass in the cup, I can only have an ounce. Use the left hand to finger and unknown fingers, clamp the wine glass, hold the wine glass, slowly sway. Use the palm of the palm to heat the wine evenly. When the wine temperature reaches the human surface temperature, the wine is overflowing.

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