The Australian police asked to take off their inner pants to search for the controversy, requiring menstrual women to take a health cotton strip.

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According to BBC, a law enforcement review report found that the Sydney police demanded a young woman to take out the sanitary strip in a strip-off search. In fact, a controversial police improper behavior has occurred at at least 5 in Sydney last year.

According to the report, these improper police law enforcement behaviors occurred on the music festival, so that they were swayed by the search. The report called for the police to apologize to one of the young women and pointed out that a police officer in another case has been suspended.

The review is carried out after the victim of the parents of the victims, the local media reports. According to the report, the undressing search is mainly for drugs, and its legality has been questioned.

In a case in January 2019, the police took undue searched on two young women outside a casino in Sydney, and asked one of them to take out the sanitary strip. The results of the review showed that the “police lack of legitimacy of undressing search requirements”.

In another case, a young performer on the secret garden music festival was ruled off his panties and bent over, and the male police officer still laughed. Another performer on another music festival was asked to take off her clothes and coughed, and there was no privacy.


According to the Australian law, the police can only take a strip search only in the case of “severity and urgency”. They must also reduce the invasive invasiveness, which is illegal to reproductive organs or any other body cavity. In addition, in addition to protecting minors or to prevent evidence, they must have a search immediately, and their parents or guardians must have their parents or guardians.

Although the guidance manual is required to be clear, the controversial police searcher has always existed. Last year, Australia had at least 25 illegal undressing searches of minors, in which the police asked a 14-year-old boy to expose its genitals.

A policeman said that after several young people died after taking over the drug, they were very necessary to take undressing searches during the festival. However, critics believe that undressing search and other behaviors have insulting nature, they call for alternative solutions, such as setting pill detection facilities in such activities.


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