Beijing Consumers Association online shopping casual shoes big test, these children’s shoes are not wear

The quality of sports and casual shoes is directly related to wearing comfort and physical health, especially involving children’s growth and development. The Beijing Consumers Association announced the results of the test of sports and casual shoes today. Testing, 16 in 80 samples did not meet the test standards or comparative test programs. There are 5 items, which are product logos, resulting in foot resistance, abrasion resistance, lining and inner mat resistance, plasticizer phthalate, wherein the product identification is not compliant. Up to the case.

The samples of this comparative trial are online purchase, and the staff of the Municipal Consumers Association will purchase 49 brands from Tmall, Jingdong, Vipshop, and 4 e-commerce platforms from Tmall, Jingdong, Vipshop. Samples, 50 adult shoes and 30 children’s shoes, respectively. The unit price ranges from 59.01 yuan to 1800 yuan, and the sample covers a wide range and has better representation.

City Consumers Association introduces that the adhesive strength in the test project, the non-slip performance of the outsole is not the standard specified project, which is an increase in items from the perspective of commodity practices, providing consumers with more reference.

Product identification does not meet the standard requirements:

Decathlon / Decathlon sports casual shoes, Belle / Belle children’s travel shoes, Nikko hiking shoes, FILA shoes (unminated product name), HobiBear’s boutique children’s shoes, Jordan running shoes, New Balance men / women’s sports shoes , Clarks female casual shoes, hotwind ladies fashion casual shoes, new balance children s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s s

Other projects do not meet the standard requirements


1 Children’s fashion running shoes Red Dragonfly / red 蜻蜓 item number: x103xp313 Wenzhou Hongyi Children’s Products Co., Ltd. Jingdong / Huang mother baby flagship store 82.07 outsole wear resistance (20min)

2 male casual shoes Cabbeen item number: 320120452201 Carbin clothing (China) Co., Ltd. Tmall / Carbin men’s footwear flagship store 369 variable resistance (40,000 times)

3 boutique children’s shoes hobibear Item No .: GS7342 Unmotted a lot / A Tongmu official flagship store 68 outsole wear resistance (20min)


4 children’s travel shoes (sports shoes) Disney MICKEY MOUSE Item: 811101032 Fujian Lixun Group Co., Ltd. (Authorized) / Fujian Lijia Yuhua Brand Management Co., Ltd. (Production Sales) Vipshop 89 phthalate, outsole Wear resistance (20min

5 male casual shoes Saint Angelo item number: TLP193741U52140 Newsletter Bird Holdings Co., Ltd. Vipshop 386 lining and inner maturing fastness


The number of ML574PTR products named ML574PTR product name is the sample of ML574PTR products, and the anti-counterfeiting code of the new Balance Trade (China) Co., Ltd. is inconsistent with its genuine products.

Quanzhou Kaiyuan Sports Goods Co., Ltd. is spent on a lot of platform sales of Akong Mu 2021 spring and summer male and female children’s shoes do not meet the standard requirements. Enterprise feedback products are counterfeit and shoddy products. They are verified by many platforms. The company recognizes that the sample is the company’s products.

Consumption tips

1. Select one. When consumers buy sports and casual shoes, it is recommended to choose a reputable big, medium shopping mall or store, and purchase well-known products of famous brands. When purchasing online, it is recommended to choose a platform for after-sales guarantee, try to purchase from platform self-operated or brand direct stores. Remove shopping vouchers so that you can effectively maintain your legitimate rights and interests when you have quality problems.

2. Take a look. Pay attention to view the logo label of the item, including the shoes, tag, tag, and shoe box, whether the information on the shoe box is complete, accurate, for product packaging, identification information is not complete (such as lack of corporate names or contact information, product name, shoe number , Materials, three-pack regulations, etc., should be cautious. At the same time, compare the defects of the left and right shoes, check whether the surface of the color, the ripple, plush is uniform, there is no crack surface or the finish of the upper surface, the glue / suture is neat, there is no open glue / Disconnect, whether the soles are flat without cracking, gelatin, etc.

3. Smereading. Smell the smell of shoes. Never buy shoes with irritating odor, stimulating odor means that there may be harmful chemicals on the shoes, should be purchased without scent or odorless shoes.

4. Touch a touch. Touch the shoes inside and outside the hand, check if there is a phenomenon of hand, cut your hand, there is no rough unlatten part; pull the shoes on small accessories, check whether the installation is firm.

5. Try a try. When trying on the shoes, we should wear two feet, take a walk, squat, jump, feel suitable, comfortable, there is no feet, grinding or slashing. Try to choose a soft, breathable belly material; the hardness and thickness of the sole should be appropriate, too soft, the support is not good, it is easy to damage ankle and ligament, too hard is not conducive to walking, the sole is bent; soles should have certain Back flexibility and slippery. Try to choose flat shoes, don’t hehe, wearing high heels will cause gravity offset, which is easy to produce a phenomenon such as bending, bending waist, leading to muscles and ligaments.

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