Can not buy millet 12 but don’t have these products

There are still three days and 2022, it is coming! New Year’s Day holiday, many small partners choose to go home, so Xiaobian chooses several products that can be shared on the way homed, so that everyone has a comfortable journey.

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At the launch of Xiaomi last night, I found that netizens had a scriptite and trick. “In addition to mobile phones, small rice is very good.” This also shows that the majority of netizens have complex emotions in millet. There is a saying that Xiaomi’s cost performance is quite high, I chose several cost-effective, suitable for the product sharing it on New Year’s Eve home.

可以不买小米12 但不能没有这些产品

Going home first, put the baggage box out of the house

When you go out, you will use your suitcase, there is a suitcase with a large capacity. Sometimes the luggage can be used as a stool. When you are tired, you will do this.

Generally, a trip 20-inch trunk is enough, and it can bring a plane.

The 20-inch jail box of Xiaomi Youth is used to use ultra-light tough environmental protection materials, very strong, wear, and lightweight.

Girls use no pressure. There are four colors of yellow-green blue black, and boys and girls can easily choose, and they are now limited to 199 yuan.

可以不买小米12 但不能没有这些产品

Going home second step, sitting on the train / plane began to listen to songs

可以不买小米12 但不能没有这些产品

In the car, put the baggage, put out the U-shaped pillow intended to sleep. The baby’s little baby has been crying loudly. The big brother of the lattice has been talking about 2 billion business, but not only sleep, the ear is unbearable.

I have to take out my noise-saving headphones, put the soothing music, let the soul in the ocean of music. I don’t want everyone, I use Boseqc35 headset, female girls can usually carry. It is also possible to choose to enter the ear noise-up headset and will be more convenient. Xiaomi said that his home’s noise reduction headset has passed China’s metering hospital, the price ranges from 129 yuan to 729 yuan. by

可以不买小米12 但不能没有这些产品

Xiaomi 3PRO noise reduction headset is an example, with 40dB proactive noise reduction, 360 degrees surrounded

可以不买小米12 但不能没有这些产品

, Life can reach 27 hours, the limited time price is 649 yuan.

Going home, the third step, the phone is out of power, the window is emptied

It is too early morning, the mobile phone is not charging, I will have a short battery, I have to take out my small charging treasure at this time. In order not to damage the battery, I will not play mobile phones when I charge it. At this time, I look at the window, and I have already smoked more than 9,000 days from my hands.

I used the university is the charging treasure of Xiaomi 10,000 mAh, and it is not bad for six or seven years.

, Very small, it is also convenient to go out, full of electric energy charge 1.5 mobile phones. I bought it at the time, there was only one charging treasure of charging mouth, and now it is two mouths, it is more convenient. In addition to wired, wireless charging treasure is getting more and more, less than so many lines, the bag seems to be more neat.

可以不买小米12 但不能没有这些产品

Millet charging treasure

When I get off the bus, the mobile phone is also full, wearing my headphones, holding my small box, happy home, I wish you all a happy New Year holiday!


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