Poetry Li long pants female loose new autumn pencil pants

In addition to the beauty products, the most love is some new clothes. I have always liked like a poem. Although the price is a little expensive, quality and quality are completely guaranteed, but also Very nice, just like this jeans recommended today ~


This jeans took the autumn features, wearing just right, plus loose version giving people a thin visual effect. High waist design, comfortable fabrics are all highlighted features of this jeans, adding a slight fashion color at the roll at the foot, just a simple feeling, the temperament is more prominent.


High waist design

When I just got this jeans, I can’t wait to try it. I like a conical pants that can not only modify my imperfect leg shape, but also the high waist design is a good welfare of a small child. The double-sided bag is also more convenient, it is too intimate ~

2. Comfortable fabric


I have the biggest demand for a clothing is the comfort and material of fabrics. This jeans are the cotton fabrics I like. Only natural and comfortable fabrics, like cotton fabrics, it is more durable, and it is more comfortable, and it is more comfortable to generate the skin. The touch is also more comfortable.

3. Loose version


Compared to traditional tight jeans, I prefer this loose version of the poetry. As a rough star, a thin jeans is too necessary, and loose jeans are more convenient in daily life. The design is very useful, really love does not release ~

4. Volume pin

My favorite is the careful design of this jeans at the foot, because a girl is long, if a pants are long, the roll is very nicely a very important thing. This jeans is a very nice crimped foot design, which is also more beautiful!

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