How do you choose a knitted dress? According to the body type, the strength is avoided, not lose weight, it can be thin 5 kg

# Winter wear diary #


# How to wear thin #


Knit Dress


Always the best


It is not thin, but also gives you enough warmth. As long as the style is selected,

High slim

Not going down. Why should you choose a knitted dress that suits you?

I found three types of layers

And find out what kind of body is suitable for which version, don’t worry, everyone is suitable ~


First, tight-fitting dress

Suitable: slim body, no fat

Tight version

Knit dress, most suitable

Slim body

The girl, especially the belly can’t have a fat, otherwise it will be embarrassed.

Tight version + rice white color, not only showing good body, but also very elegant. Don’t look at it is a very noble feeling.


The waist position is slightly


The design, while the waist is displayed, there is also a feminine.

Do you have any resistance to this Brindbrian skirt? Late the upper body is not very popular, and the temperament is protected. The length of the knee is also higher, and a small sexy is added.

In winter, there is no one to match a pair.



More suitable, simple wearing women




Expectedly played.

Tight knit dress

How can there be no one?

Small wind


No matter whether it is from work or attending a formal occasion, you will be the most elegant.

Just to the skirt of the knee position, match a pair


Black boots

, Inadvertently echo on the black stripes on the skirt, add more precise.

Second, loose knit dress


Suitable: Apple shape, slophy

Loose version


You can collect the meat of the upper body and almost everyone can control the version. Also add a lazy temperament.

Loose version plus pit stripes, wants to be slim. More rare hooded design, you can give you a warmth when you are cold.

If you are shopping only in the mall, there is no need to wear a thick jacket, one

Lamb man

It is ok, let you have fashionable and warm.


The loose version of the knitch wants to wear a good body, but it is also simple, one

Fine belt

Can get it. Remember to be above the waist, so the waist and superior body proportions have.

The knitted dress covered with retro twisted flowers is very warm after the upper body. In addition to the belt,


Diagonal cross bag


To create a high waistline, it is not afraid to pull out the meat.

This short knitch is the same as the previous style, but because it is short, it is recommended to be a belt, it can wear “


“The effect is oh ~

Third, a-character knit dress

Suitable: pear shaped body, hip fat


Pear-shaped figure

It is the waist and hip legs, the lower body is like a pear, this figure needs knit dress.

A word skirt


The shortage of occlusion of the second half.

This A-shaped knit skirt is

Big square

Design, you can make good decoration neck lines. Wearing a necklace becomes exquisite. If you don’t know what to wear, you can try it.


It is not simple

Also integrated


Pleated element

Let this knitted dress hide meat, more smooth.

The knit dress skirt is very suitable, the upper body is a knitted fabric, filled with the blink of the Brindbrine. The white pleats of the blended fabric are stitched below, super tiba meat.


The knitch will make me walk, you must buy it. The skirt is a knitted fabric, the sleeves of two chiffon fabrics, the temperament is fan, and the meat can be hidden on the arm.

I want to create a gentle temperament in winter, I must start a knitted dress, it is definitely the first choice for winter.

Knit Dress

Knit Dress

Knit Dress

Small wind

A word skirt

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