Guan Xiaodong “Elle” magazine, green wood ear, clothing with black skirt, the lower body is still thin

For the Journal of Jiu Ye, the Beijing Film Academy has just graduated, but it has become a very senior actor who has experienced a performance experience. This is a starry star who started playing from childhood. It can be said that the year is less famous, very small. In order to show a good acting, this is also she can go smoothly into the Beijing Film Academy, and have achieved a lot of film and television works experience when very young. And the feelings of Luhan have caused her numerous attention in the past few years. Recently, Guan Xiaoyuan boarded “ELLE” magazine, the green wood ear is matched with black long skirt, the lower body is long and thin.


This appearance of the magazine cover, Guan Xiaoyu showed a conventionally not the same mature style, a green fungus dress, especially the big green fungus, like a lotus leaf, lining the youth Appearance.

High-tailed horsetail and black bow card brings a gorgeous imaginary appearance, highlighting a stylish avant-garde girl style, black dress is very slim, highlighting and long legs, It is extremely good.

The golden multi-layer necklace is gorgeous, and the full-time dress skirt is perfectly matched, forming a self-contained retro court style, which does have a mature feeling compared to past shapes.


Looking back at the previous other styles, Guan Xiaoyu can say that there is a strong innocent girl, this white shirt is with a black short skirt, the broad skirt shows a lively and jumping, more highlighting the long long leg.

The shirt collar is also a stand-up design of the roll of the fungus, which has increased a duncian and gorgeous, and highlights the slender rock neck.

Also shirt, this white shirt takes long-sleeved design, simple style with a kind of female-like elegant, black skirt takes pleated design, atmospheric fashion.


With a pair of half boots, it is more highlight of the advantages of high legs, and the body is very golden.


Although I have been talking about Xiaoyu and Luhan’s feelings of breaking, each time I face this rumor, the two are calm. It can often be quite parallel to two people who are euphemistic and low-key. As the school is completed, I believe that Guan Xiaoxi will bring more new works.

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