I don’t know what to wear in early summer? Try the refreshing “sleeveless shirt”, wear the elegance and elegance

I believe that there are many small partners in the southern region have lived in the summer, and the northern region will immediately enter the state of the early summer. Speaking of the summer, many people think that a word is hot, whether it is at home or goes out, I hope to guarantee the cool cool.

Some people may think that the dressing of the sleeve shirt is relatively difficult, especially for women who arms, may not be very friendly and will expose the shortcomings. So how to make a look to enjoy the cool summer, look very fashionable?


Current content of this period

1, highlight analysis of tanks

2, tank selection and matching skills

3, tank shirt with practical exercise



Highlight analysis of tanks

(1) Characteristics and advantages of tanks


Clean version

And people’s favorite, and in summer, the skin is relatively large, refreshing and comfortable. Because there is no sleeve design, wear a special cool fast in the summer, and can show the sexy of the arm.

The material of most tanks is very soft, there is a certain kind,

Take care of fashion, and very cool

To better create fashion styling and show good body.

This type of dress is suitable for women in all ages, and for women around the age of three or forty, we can wear fashion and elegance.

(2) Suitable for people


Because there is no sleeve to expose the disadvantages of the arm, it is not suitable for people who are relatively thick for their arms and shoulders, but there is an appropriate way to wear. In comparison,

The most suitable crowd is a very well-known person, which is cool and simple and generous.

Accommoding and matching tips

If you want to match your clothes, the choice of the style is the most important premise, each piece is true. We already know the characteristics and advantages of tanks, then this advantage is maximized, and the choice is made through each part.

(1) Picking method


1 part of the neck

When picking up the tank of tank, because there is no more than the sleeve arm part,

The neckline is also as big as possible, and the two form a contrast balance.



The most common big round neck or the big V-collar is the most suitable, which is two more common collar shapes, usually more than normal, the big loop will look more good, for the upper body is relatively friendly.

2 sleeve shape

The shape of the sleeves is very important, which is related to whether the arms can wear

The shape of the cuff is the magnitude of the bend, and it must not choose the sleeve bending amplitude, but the choice is more straightforward, it will be better. Because the degree of bending is too large, it will directly expose the shortcomings of the body, especially the vice milk, it looks more fat.

3 version characteristics

Most tanks are made of chiffon or a smoother fabric, so choose

Loose version

Especially mature women, don’t choose tight when wearing, too much to lack the elegant temperament of tanks.


(2) Matching skills

1 has a bright spot embellishment

The non-sleeve shirt is not the same as the normal single product, because the part of the sleeve is missing, it will look at this dress alone, if you don’t know some matching skills,


You can choose the design highlights.

For example, there are a lot of tanks that are decorated with wooden ear, or with wrinkled design, revealing a gentle and little woman temperament.

There are a lot of places in tanks.

Small detail design

It can create a style of characteristics.

For women in the workplace, they can wear handsome and generous feelings. You can also match a suit or other jackets when you don’t have officially entering the summer, you can create a high-level texture.

2 with ornaments embellishment


We must not ignore the embellishment of your body, you can try it for the items such as tank shirt.

Use necklands or metal earrings to transfer overall shape


Especially when wearing a large V-neck-collar-tileable tank, you can use the necklace to make the whole chain to add a bright spot, and it is no longer monotonous.

3 use hipster single product transfer attention


Usually women will not only wear clothes when they match, will also

Draw a delicate makeup, with some bags or hats


. When wearing a tank, if you want to go out, try to match the hat or the bag is transferred to people’s sight, so that the overall shape is no longer monotonous.

Girls are in this regard that the most ignorant is the hipster single product.

The effect it played can become a fashion point in shape.

Even even wearing the most simple-based clothes, there will still be a shape, it looks more fashion.

4 superimposed cover method

The stacking cover is more suitable for the summer, the temperature is still not very hot, you can directly match a shawl, or mix with thin water.

This stacking method is mainly prepared for women who are coarsely and advantageous for their arms.

It can show the elegance of individuals, and the shortcomings will cover the shortcomings.

Tone with tanks

Look1, white tank shirt + cotton linen old pants


Suitable for all ages

It is not a mature and elegant woman to wear, as long as you match anything, there is no pressure.


The simplest basic style is a white-sleeve shirt. The neckline is more relaxed than normal. There is a sports style. The lower half is a wide-legged pants with cotton and linen, the trousers are very good, the color is between the colors Match with an optimization of the size.

LOOK2, gray sleeveless vest + white straight pants

This is a kind of

Easy and handsome matching

It shows that the summer is cool, the upper body is mixed with gray sleeve vests, refreshing and comfortable. The lower body is a white high waist straight panties, and the trousers are highly rolled up, and there is a strong droop, it looks very thin, there is sports style.


The matching of the tank top is actually very simple. At the high temperature in the summer, wearing such a single product is right, very cool and comfortable, so I will arrange it in the summer.

Ok, the above is sharing today. Pay attention to daily matching guidelines, use more beautiful yourself!

Disclaimer: Text original, some pictures come from the network, please contact delete if there is any infringement.

I don’t know what to wear in early summer? Try the refreshing “sleeveless shirt”, wear the elegance and elegance






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