Appreciation of treasure soft jade carving and field white jade

“Yushu” cloud: Yushan Mountain Xuanye, Waterwood, born in the mountains and wooden, produced in water, and hidden in the wilderness and the text. In view, the jade has two kinds of mountains. However, the jade of all over the mountain is in the mountains, the most famous is the four famous jade in China – Hetian jade. Hetian jade is located in the south of the Tarim Basin, the peace of the East of Tashkul County, Kashi, and the south of the southern south of the southern Southern Takari, Tiekrikatag, and Liuish, the south of the southern part of the Nikoda area. Tag, East and the Northern Arki Mountain North Wings of the Northern Wings.

There are many small classes in Hetian jade, and Tian Bai Yu is one of the extremely precious varieties. One of Hetian white jade is a kind of soft jade, the texture is very delicate, touched by hand, which is mainly the aggregate of the particles that are smaller than 0.01 mm-Yangli crystals, jade Falder, cluster and bundle interleaving structure. Soft jade, English translation is Nephrite. This English name is from Greek, with the meaning of “kidney”. This is ancient Europeans that this jade can hang this jade can cure kidney disease in the waist.

珍品软玉巧雕 和田白玉貔貅挂件赏析

So, the beautiful thing of Jade is very high in China or Western countries, and gives it a magical ability. Recently, Hangzhou Guozun collects a Hetian white jade pendant. This and Tian Baiyu pendant weight 45g, texture delicate, feel Wenyun, gloss soft, emit a beautiful charming color, in small jade, a few pieces of delicate carving out a shaped Swhero image, this Swhero is like a tiger leopard, his first tail is like a dragon, And the head angle is back, and the shape is self-rhyme.

According to the country, this and Tianhuyu’s carved beast is there is no an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an an anal, can only enter the country, and they will be special, there is a wealth of the treasure, absorb the four-party wealth, from ancient So far, up to the emperor, the bottom to the people pay great attention to the collection and wear, and except for lucky, lucky, evil spirits, and the role of the town house, the age, the marriage, etc. Although it is a fictional auspicious animal like dragon, phoenix and unicorn, but people believe that this kind of Swhero can bring joy and good luck, so the jewelry has always been a passionate of people in collecting people.

As we all know, Yu Yu is a special existence in ancient China. The Chinese are seriously jade, love jade, obsessed with jade, but also as a spiritual belief, a lofty. Therefore, the jewelry of jade is highly eye-catching in China, and the value is unable to use the price measure. As in recent years, China has become more influential in international influence. China’s traditional culture has gradually radiated worldwide. China’s jade culture is more important, it is reported that Hetian jade is already “according to” “The price”, far in 2006, 1 gram and Tian Xiaoyu’s price is already from 4 to 10 times gold, and the works of millions of people on major auctiones are also repeatedly emerged. Therefore, this country is collecting this and Tian Baiyu The pendant is very collected and investment value!

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