8 months baby intelligent development performance, is your baby reaches a standard?

This month old baby is a period of emotional development, letting the baby experience various emotions.

Dad’s responsibility is a game with your baby. For example, make a big eyes, Zhang Da’s mouth, a nose, stretch (vomiting) tongue, happy, surprised, sad, angry, pain, fear, happy and other expressions.

Emotions and emotions are also driving power to activate psychological activities and behavioral activities. Good emotions and emotional experiences will stimulate infants to actively explore desire and action, seek more excitement, get more experience.

Young dad wants to interpret the father’s love, come quickly!

First, 8 months baby physical growth standard

The weight of the baby boy is about 9.12 kg – about 8.49 kg of baby girl

The length of the baby boy is about 71.51 cm – the baby girl is about 69.99 cm

About 45.74 cm in the head circumference – about 44.65 cm baby girl

Chest boy is about 45.13 cm – a baby girl is about 43.98 cm

Take the high baby boy about 45.28 cm – baby girl is about 44.40 cm

Second, the 8th month of intelligent development performance

Big Action: I will crawl yourself. Baby is proneing, with toys in front, encouraging it to crawling. Will go to the forefront to crawl forward as the fulcrum. I will sit down myself and lie down. The baby is immediate, encourages it to sit down and lie down. I can push myself from the supine, turn it into a sitting position, and I will lying down. Support your weight with a leg. Let the baby stand against the field, and use toys in front.

Fine action: Two blocks are hit in hand. Let the baby take a block of building blocks, and the demonstration of the adult will strike the blocks. You can use both hands to the middle, use a wooden wood in one hand, clearly hit the square wood in the other hand. Find the kneetica (sugar pill) with thumb. The baby is sitting at the table, putting rice flower or vitamin pills on the table, encouraging it.

Cognitive ability: I will recognize new items (with your fingers). Say the familiar items or facial features around the baby, encourage them to point out items or body parts by hand. The name indicates the corresponding item or body part.

Language ability: understand language, imitate the action or sound. When doing games with your baby, encourage him to imitate the movements or sounds of adults such as “touch”, nod “thank you” or cough, and wait.

Emotion and social behavior: will push up what you don’t want. Presenting two things in front of the baby, deliberately giving him something to him, observing his reaction. Pay attention to observing the actions of adults, when doing things in front of the baby, observe whether they pay attention to watch.

Third, intelligence game


1, big exercise: “Not enough”

The eight-month baby is sitting very stable, and will crawling, the movements are getting flexible, so that the baby will play more physical games, develop the whole body’s exercise ability and coordination. You can make your baby push up on the mat, and you can get the tale toy that you can arrive, teach your baby to crawl enough. The baby has always taken to toys, Mommy pulls toys, tempted the baby crawling, crawling distance and time don’t be too long, if the baby is tired, I will not be willing to play games next time. The game can cultivate your baby’s thinking ability, willpower, exercise ability, done ability and sensory ability. It also promoted your baby’s digestive function during the game’s play.

2, fine exercise: “change change”

From the use of the whole palm, shake, the clumsy hand movement, slowly develop into the finger to pinch, take, stroke, set, stack, let the baby play more game, play more touch will cause Change toys. Prepare a variety of paper, such as advertising paper, wrapping paper, glass paper, toilet paper, wrinkles, corrugated paper. Place a variety of paper in front of the baby, the mother torn a piece of paper, torn a piece of paper into small pieces, and smashed the pieces into a group, be a moving paper, and deliberate paper Locate “嚓,,” “

3, cognition: “understand expression”

The baby’s emotional central nervous has begun to develop, knowing the expression of adults. When you represent your baby, he will be happy, such as talking to your baby, talking, your baby will cry. Don’t think that the baby will not speak, what is going to move. As the saying goes: Strict love, loose is harmful. If the baby is doing wrong, he must be amended; do well, encourage praise, thus cultivating your baby’s self-confidence. Mom and Dad wants to play the expression games with the baby, but also let the baby imitate the expression of adults, such as: grinning, blind eye, Zhang Wei, tissue, stretching, etc.

During this period, let the baby suffer from pleasant, frustrated emotions, will lay the cornerstone in the healthy development of the baby in the future.

4, language: “Look at it”

Preparing the pattern simple, color simple, size of not less than 13 × 13 cm picture or book, with a picture, in a fixed time, fix the quiet environment, hug your baby, look at it; with your finger Picture on the picture, use exaggerated port, positive emotions, plus body action: “This is a small-cat, small-cat 哇? 喵 – – 喵.” Mommy asked baby: “Small – Where is the cat?” The baby can correctly recognize it correctly. “How do you call?” Mommy teaches the baby pronunciation: “- -.”

Song: Kitten kitten, beard, walking, quiet quiet. Kitten kitten sang a song: 喵 – -.

5, social behavior

“Flying”: Preparatory Action: Mom and Dad are about 0.5 meters away, Dad lifted the baby talried, while lifting the side and said: Baby, baby fly, where is it? Flying to the blue sky – find a mother to go; quickly throw it to my mother, “Baby Flying”; Mom is a little bit (a buffer), stand up, rotate, kiss the baby. Stimulating games work out the baby’s brave personality.

6, baby cognitive operation

Butterfly butterfly flight, where to go, fly to the top;

Butterfly butterfly flight, where to go, fly to the shoulders;

Butterfly butterfly flight, where to go, fly to the belly;

Butterfly butterfly flight, where to go, fly to the knee;

Butterfly Butterfly Flying, where to go, fly to the foot.


1. Some things should be handled when they cannot handle themselves, but their baby can do more opportunities to do. After trying many times, the baby can experience, many things don’t cry, don’t need mom, I can solve themselves. Especially when the baby is focusing on something, mom is best not to bother him.

2, the baby experiences the feeling of various paper touches in the process of taking, squatting, and the sound of torn sound is different. Playing paper is an important study, hands and fingers need to make various actions, repeated exercises, which is a basic training for the ability to cultivate children’s hands-on ability and future use tools. Hand’s motion development is of great significance to the development of baby brain intelligence and nervous system.

3, “reading book” with your baby is also a good time to train your baby’s opening, but now the book, the picture is just a toy in your baby’s eyes. Mom’s baby looks together, in order to let the baby slowly close the picture book, cultivate reading interest, and make a foundation for the real look at the future.

Fourth, parenting knowledge

(1) Let the child taking medicine skills

Let the baby take medicine relaxed, and the posture must be correct. “Leave your baby’s head, let the face side, then put a spoon or straw from the mandibular (side of the mouth) into the medicine, spoon or straw, don’t worry, wait for the child The medicine swallowed again. “

(2) How big is the baby to eat solid food?

No matter if the baby grows out of the milk, you should give your baby a solid food. Mom can add meat, meatballs or various vegetables for your baby.

No new complementary food added, can not add two or more types; within one day, two or more foods cannot be added. Mother can provide more diverse foods, the shape is harder or more thick than the previous month.

In addition to feeding the baby, you can make your baby holding a fruit strip, and the cookies eat. Practice chewing is beneficial to baby gastrointestinal function, which is beneficial to salivary gland secretion, increase digestive enzyme activity, and promote digestion and absorption.

(3) Common bottle affects chewing function development

After the baby’s long teeth, if it is always used to sucking the nipple, it is easy to make the teeth long; and the teeth are often bodied in the milk, and it is also easy to cause dental caries. Also, there is a daily bottle to drink milk, which will affect the development of chewing function, which not only makes the child’s mouth, but may even make them unequal.

In the child seven or eight months, you should try to lose the bottle; get to 1 year or 1 year old, you should learn to drink water with a cup. This is good for the workouts of children’s hands small muscles and fingers.

Parents can try to use spoons to feed. After the child adapts to this method, he will slowly train him with a cup. If the family is afraid of a cup, you can use some children’s special plastic cups.

Since the child may have a danger of dangerousness because when you have a glass of water to drink with a cup. So, when training, you can use the duck stick cup, then it is a cup of straw, and finally drink water with a normal cup, and there are not too many in the glass. “The bottle is mainly tongue, and the duck cup, the straw cup can train the sucking ability of the baby’s lips.” Exercise the baby’s lung capacity, to speak the foundation for the future.

(4) When is it best to take medicine? Before the meal or after a meal?

Usually help digestive medicines eat before meals, eat anti-inflammatory medicines, such as anticipants, and some can eat with rice, such as calcium tablets. General doctors will remind it when they are cut, if they don’t do special reminders, they are generally eaten after a meal. Time before meals, half an hour before meals, almost half an hour after meals. Some parents are distressed: children are not eating well, don’t have a fixed time, what should I do? It doesn’t matter, you can feed it between two meals, you don’t have to stick to half an hour after dinner.

Five, parents

(1) crawling to promote brain development

Crawling needs to be large, the small coordination between the cerebellors, climbing the neural contague between the big, the cerebellium, promotes the growth of the brain. Crawling the initial crawling reflection, the intermediate links such as heading, turning over, rolling, 行, ultimately develop into real crawling, need to experience many learning, practice; every study and practice is a motive brain enthusiasm Inspired. Therefore, learning crawling is actually a special effect on the function of the brain nervous system, which has an irreplaceable special role for the development of the brain.

(2) What is the reason that the baby does not climb?

1, deprived the opportunity to learn the baby’s learning. Mom will stay in the baby bed throughout the day, or always put on the cart, or often by your mother in the baby carrier, or spend most of the time in the tours.

2, the baby’s learning climb is too much. Let the baby crawled too soft, the baby couldn’t climbed; let the baby crawled too hard or carpet too much, the baby was afraid of the knee pain and did not dare to climb; let the baby crawled too cool, the baby did not want to accept; give the baby Wearing clothes too thick, making the baby climbed up inconvenience, reducing the interesteness of crawling, and more.

3, the baby is psychological barrier to climb. When I climbed at first school, my heart will definitely have a certain fear and hesitation, especially when I encounter uncertain situations, always look up at my mother’s expression. If your mother is not patient, do not encourage your baby, your baby is reluctant to crawl again.

(3) Put on crawling clothes, climb more comfortable

Crawling costumes have more attention. If the baby’s clothes are still loose, it is convenient for activities, not too much, so as not to sweat, or cause ambitious action.

It is best to give your baby a bodied suit, this dress’s top and trousers form a whole. When crawling, it will not expose the baby’s waist and small belly. At the same time, there is no more cumbersome things, and it will not affect the baby crawling. interest. Note Don’t have big ornaments and buttons in front of the clothing, prevent your baby from hurting or hurting your body.

(4) Do not give your baby to your schoolbed

At 8-9 months, most of them have begun. At this time, many parents will give their baby to help their baby learning, which will make your baby walk in your tours, or even you can don’t ask for others, you can also reduce your baby’s burden, so that your baby is interested in yourself. The strange land looks at it, gets a lot of experience. But the toddlers provide convenience while providing baby learning, will bring some other questions to your baby.

Learning car is undoubtedly a big deal than the growth of the baby. Mom Dad should not give the baby to the baby, especially the baby within ten months. The baby in the tours will climb, and the time will take the time without the baby who doesn’t have to learn the car. The child will climb to go, it is necessary to have a footprint to grow up. Only by wrestling once again can help the body. How to fall will not be injured; .


6. Read the baby

Baby will prevent accidental injury

The baby will climb, it is a good thing, but if you don’t pay attention, your baby may cause some unsafe problems because it will climb. If the baby meets something at this time, I want to catch one. I will cause it to be unbearable. There is also a baby climbed, the range of activities is expanded, and it will easily climb out adults, causing accidents in accidents.

Safety prevention measures: When the baby is practicing, adults don’t put your baby on the bed, let your baby climb on the ground, can lay on the floor on the floor, cotton pad or plastic floor, creating a crawling site with enough area This is a good way to prevent your baby from falling.

In addition, in the baby crawling space, you have to put all the small things, such as buttons, coins, pins, earrings, beans, etc. It is very dangerous to swallow these things. Therefore, all corners in the room must be cleaned, and anything that may occur unexpectedly hurt.

Seven, baby nutrition

8 months baby 1 day nutrition plan

Baby after 8 months, still need to feed 2-3 days a day and night, if you feed milk, the total amount of the whole day should not be less than 600 ml. On the basis of milk or dairy products, we will add two meal foods. The varieties added in this period are:

1, add dry, hard food: such as porridge, rotten, small 馄饨, grilled taro, biscuits, melon pieces, etc., to promote the growth of the teeth and exercise the ability to chew, and let the baby take it to eat, exercise Hand skills.

2, add a miscellaneous grain: you can make your baby eat some porridge made by miscellaneous grains such as cornflakes. Some nutrients of miscellaneous grains are good for the baby’s healthy growth.


3, increase the amount and variety of animal food: If you can give your baby an entire egg, you can add meat, minced meat, etc.

It is necessary to gradually make complementary food. Baby daily diet includes five major categories, namely: (1) milk: breast milk or milk; (2) food; (3) meat, soy products; (4) vegetables, fruits; (5) oil. Only a mixed product of these foods every day, the baby can obtain balanced reasonable nutrition.

Eight, baby health

(1) What should I do if the baby is sleeping?

Baby is relatively soft due to its complete calcification, and the backrest of the head will be flat. It is generally difficult to correct, but as the child’s head neck is developed, it will soon disappear. In order to avoid flat heads in order to avoid flat heads, in order to avoid flat heads. Please ask the doctor to check if there is a disease. If there is, it should be made to make up the vitamin D and calcium formulation to ensure the health of the header neck.

(2) Yuba will cause harm to baby’s eyes

After entering the winter, many home bathing will open the bathing heating. When a lot of parents gave your baby a bath, they would bring their children in the face, directly allowed the Yuba, which is likely to cause damage to the child’s vision. Because the energy and intensity of the baking light is particularly high, take a bath under the bathing, try to avoid the eyesight of the bath, otherwise strong light is easy to burn your eyes. Moreover, often uses the Yuba in a long time, there will be dizzy, insomnia, not concentrated, loss of appetite, etc., because the too dazzling light interferes with the central nervous function of the human brain.

Therefore, when taking a bath for infants, you should try to choose a bathbral with a wind-capable heating method; if it is a tailing bath, you can add a shielding cloth above.

Nine, 8 months baby life schedule

6: 00- 6:30 Breast milk or milk 220 ml, 3-4 pieces of biscuits.

9:00 – 9:30 Eggs 1.

12:00 – 12:30 porridge (about 30 grams of children’s bowl), cockroach, fish, tofu.

14:30 – 15:00 Apple 1 / 2-1 (scrape).

15:30 – 16:00 breast milk or milk 220 ml.


18:00 – 18:30 A bowl of rotten noodles (about 50 grams) add meat.

20:00 – 21:00 breast milk or milk 220 ml.

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