Du Jiabanna Sofia Gem Watch

Du Jia Banner launched a watch with extraordinary creativity this year, this watch from the process of choice, every detail showed a soft and elegant charm of women.

When we approached Du Jiabang, No. 6, Slo Street, will be deeply attracted by this watch.


There are 5 colors of the dial of this watch, one is a wild black, a deep gray, and the other three are soft macaron colors – blue, pink and beige. Matching the square dial with rose gold, and a series of symmetrical geometers from the edge of the dial to the sapphire crystal mirror.


Such cutting design is not only a preface. This geometric pattern is derived from the traditional stonemason process, which greatly enhances the strength of the original reflection, and creates this Sofia into a bright gem.

Purely hand-carved the logo of Dolce & Gabbana, with powder, blue, rice, gray, black, reflect this, the color of the colorful silk straps reflects different gloss under the rays.


However, all this is still over, the natar rose gold table on the right side of this watch is inlaid, and the natural ruby ​​is the largest and outstanding highlight of the watch.

Whether it is from aesthetic or practical perspective, this watch is worth each woman’s incoming sac. Use it to match or jewelery, let your wear a better quality, show your hand to show the feministic taste of the little woman.

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