Summer car seat is elegant or ice silk

As the weather is gradually hot, how to choose the summer seat cushion, nothing to become a big problem, and become a lot of people’s headache, the summer seat cushion on the market is nothing more than linen and ice silk!Let’s make a simple introduction to everyone!


At present, linen and ice silk are the most popular 2 materials in the cushion market.

1. Linen car seat:

Linen is natural fiber, breathable, cool, anti-corrosion, anti-static, is the first choice in summer, you can moisture and sweating, low temperature under the sun, not hot, give a comfortable skin, all of the four seasons, people who choose a linenComfortable first!

2. Ice silk car seat:

Ice silk is chemical fiber, which is often said to be polyester, the breathable effect is much numb, there is still static inductance, the sun sunshine will have an odor, the temperature is rapid, but because it is chemical fiber, although the color is relatively rich, it is not so good to human health.Ice silk can only use winter in summer!


Summary is: I like to have a good choice of linen, I like beautiful gorgeous ice silk!

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