NIKE SF-AF1 MID ink green color sale information

Nike SF-AF1 helps series of ink green coloring is Nike’s latest color, Nike SF-AF1 can be said to be one of the most successful upgrades of Air Force in 2017, and the Nike SF-AF1 MID that is launched is also reduced. The shoes are more appropriate to match, and it is more popular. Interesting network small compilation is more and more liked, I believe that the friends are the same as Xiaobian.

Nike SF-AF1 Mid墨绿配色发售信息

How to help Series in Nike SF-AF1

Nike SF-AF1 Mid墨绿配色发售信息

This color matching is based on wheat color.

The color uses wheat color colors that will be issued in autumn in autumn, but the nylon material is slightly adjusted on the nylon material in the part.

The post-context is still then classic

The overall color is green to create a sense of layering. The medium is still a texture of a gum material.

Is it very good, the designer is indeed

The top view looks very much.

Nike SF-AF1 Mid墨绿配色发售信息

The texture of the sole is still no change

Nike SF-AF1 Mid墨绿配色发售信息

This will be released in the upcoming 2018 year, the item number 917753-302, it seems to catch up with this cold winter.

Nike SF-AF1 Mid墨绿配色发售信息

I don’t know if my friends are ready.

How about Nike SF-AF1

In 1982, Bruce Kilgore designed his first basketball shoes, which is the later Nike Air Force 1. It has been tested by college basketball players, followed by a big noise because of the light players in NBA. Nike Air Force 1 was a representative of “cool” at the time, but no one thought of its cross-border potential, and then more excavated into a pair of unlatable classic shoes.

Since then, although people have a pair of “widely known classic shoes” on the surface recognition of Air Force, it has become the creation of artists and designers from all walks of life and achieves real legendary status. Because of its flexible, this pair of shoes have become an indicator of street culture worldwide. From the high tube to the low tube, then to the various styles between the high and low cylinders, this pair of more than 2,000 different versions in history.

Nike SF-AF1 Mid墨绿配色发售信息

One of the most famous is in the mid-1990s, the classic false white, this pair of Air Force 1 may be one of the most memorable designs in the last century.

The 35th anniversary of Air Force 1 will rebuild it with NBA and basketball through products such as Air Force 1 Low NBA, which will introduce the new Air Force 1 – sf AF-1 High.

Military elements modified (military color matching, super high boots)

Functional elements (double straps, tongue, high-intensity mesh)

Soft feet (soft lychee leather plus thickened soft shoe pad)

Nike SF-AF1 Mid墨绿配色发售信息

From the most popular trend elements to the thoughtful foot feel, it will be perfectly accompanied by the various elements of the classic AF1. It has shaped such a newly recognized shoe, and add honey. The attribute, which is inevitably expected.

NIKE SF-AF1 MID ink green color sale information

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