Tongling bamboo horse lantern stepping on the snow to make troubles New Year

“锵, 锵 、, 咚 、, 咚 锵, 咚 咚 锵 锵” … February 2 is the second day of the year of the year of the tiger. We couldn’t hold back the excitement, and walked out of the house early to play with bamboo horse lights. The 40 -person Bai Ming bamboo horse lamp performance team, the oldest is in his 70s, the youngest is only 6 years old. They are wearing a variety of clothing in bamboo horse lanterns, snowflakes falling on the sky, stepping on the snow on the field, walking in the village to perform bamboo horse lamps folk programs, and sending the auspicious and well -being of the year of the tiger Each household, let this small mountain village overflows the festive atmosphere of the Chinese Spring Festival.

It is understood that Bai Ming bamboo horse lamp is one of the outstanding representatives of traditional folk art in Tongling City, Anhui Province. It has been circulating for hundreds of years in Zhongming Town, Tongling City. Bai Ming’s bamboo horse lamp, also known as “playing horse lamp”, “stepping on the horse lamp”, “running lights” and “singing horse lamp”, which is a song and dance performance art of Tongling folk. Bai Ming’s bamboo horse lanterns originated in the late Ming Dynasty. Shengxing in the Qing Dynasty. Whenever Guotai Min’an and Wind Rain’s Spring Festival, the villagers spontaneously organized and played bamboo horse lanterns to pray for the coming year’s Grand Duoyeng and Murakama. Bai Ming bamboo horse lamp performances generally start from the second day of the first month to the fifteenth day of the first month. In 2006, Bai Ming bamboo horse lamp was included in the first batch of intangible cultural heritage list in Anhui Province.

The Bai Ming bamboo horse lamp is made of bones from bamboo, the shape of a horse’s head and a ponytail, and then paste the paper, internal combustion candle fire, and fix the horsestail and the horsestail on the human body, similar to a dry boat. There are more than 40 people in the whole team, eight horses, eight -person riding, two niche, one dressed as a scholar, the other is the order flag, each rides the red horse; For village aunts and youth, each ride a yellow horse. Four four -corner lamps, two city walls. The leader of the ride of the Red Horse, performing various formation of dance on the square, performing various formation changes in the square. The music include “Five more Rings”, “Song of the Twoin”, “Selling Miscellaneous” and so on. The Bai Ming bamboo horse lamp is performed according to the several chapters in the Romance of the Three Kingdoms. The victim, Yi Bo Yuntian, decided to return the two ladies, the story is also called “Guan Gong Jiehuang”. The characters in the performance are related to Yu, Liu Bei, Zhang Fei, Zhao Zilong, Lu Bu, Yuan Shao, etc., with high photos (big red lanterns), tiger head cards, color umbrellas, bamboo horses, bamboo clouds, car sedan, mighty flag brigades, etc. Make -up on the face, wearing dramatic clothing, helmets, whipped hands, and pilgrimage boots, surrounding the plot in the story through folk art processing, with folk instruments such as gongs, drums, suona Formation of folk art performances such as array, wearing flowers, and horse running. Bai Ming bamboo horse lanterns, except for all the props, are made by the villagers by themselves. Therefore, the Bai Ming bamboo horse lamp is a traditional folk cultural performance form that integrates the plot, folk art, folk dance, folk handicrafts, and folklore beliefs. All folk artists use paper paste and color inkjet painting. Color umbrellas are made of bamboo crickets and flower silk cloth. They are equipped with sculpture and beard. The villain with paper tie is lifelike and exquisite. The production of the entire item requires three old artists to complete it for one and a half months.

Switch at 7 am on the second day of the first month of the first month, to the Lantern Festival of the 15th of the first month, the Bai Ming bamboo horse lantern in Mantong Village, Zhongming Town, accompanied by the sound of firecrackers and gongs and drums, or left The village skewers, or enter the city to step on the street, or perform fixed -point performances, lively, and the residents along the way set off firecrackers to greet them to pray for auspiciousness.

At around 7.30 am that day, the four of us had the floating snowflakes that came from the face, driving for about 40 minutes, and came to the “Bamboo Horse Lantern Training Office” in Bai Molin Nature Village, Mantong Village, Zhongming Town, and went down. Behind the car, what I saw in my eyes was a couplet on both sides of the gate of the “Bamboo Horse Lantern Story”: the upper couplet was “bamboo horse lanterns inherited the non -heritage culture”; the lower couplet was “worshiped the spirit of loyalty to promote loyalty”. This is our third. The second trip came to Bai Ming Natural Village to shoot bamboo horse lamps. As the saying goes, Rui Xuezhaofeng. At this time, the snowflakes of the sky fluttered, and the sound of firecrackers and gongs and drums of the bamboo horse lantern performance team rose to the household. Walking in the field. An old villager told us that after the bamboo horse lamp was switched at 7 in the morning, the performance team went to the villagers in the village to bless the New Year. Concentrated performance. So, under the guidance of the villagers, the four of us came to the village entrance to wait for the bamboo horse lamp to perform the team. After a while, the bamboo horse lantern performance team entered the village entrance, and suddenly turned right to a farmer who lived in the mountains to bless the New Year. Several of our photography enthusiasts hurried to find their own shooting angle, and set the camera shutter in the company. On the shot, I kept pressing the shutter. With the click and clicks, the shooting team of the bamboo horse lamp performance team fixed the shot of the snow field in my camera.

铜陵竹马灯 踏雪闹新春

The most exciting is the concentrated performance on the square. When we came to the “Bamboo Horse Lantern Training House” square again, the square was surrounded by men, women, old and young, men, women, and young and young. Immediately, the deafening firecrackers and ritual sounds on the square sounded, and under the crackdown of rhythmic gongs and drums, the bamboo horse lamp performance team continued to change the formation and characters on the square. The urban and rural residents picked up the mobile phones in their hands to shoot, cameras and cameras, and followed the bamboo horse lamp performance team. In particular, a group of children holding “bamboo clouds” in the bamboo horse lantern performance team are particularly noticeable. They are more than ten years old, and they are only a few years old. When the performance was temporarily resting, I saw a child holding a “bamboo cloud”. The young parents were holding food to accompany him, and the children had candy in their mouths. I came forward to ask, and I knew that the child was the youngest in the bamboo horse lantern performance team. This year, he was only 7 years old. In order to participate in today’s bamboo horse lamp performance, he got up at 4 am and followed the bamboo horse lamp team to perform. Until now. “Children are too young, we are not assured of our side!” The child’s father said.

Tongling bamboo horse lamps, stepping on the Spring Festival. At about 10 am, the snow stopped, and the performance of the bamboo horse lamp was also close to the end. Watching urban and rural residents who watched bamboo horse lanterns, as well as a group of photography enthusiasts, with the new expectations of the Year of the Tiger, also gradually with unsteady joy and laughter gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually became gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually gradually. San. I was sitting on the car back to the city, thinking about such a problem: excellent traditional culture, condensing the wisdom of the ancestors, is the most valuable cultural heritage for our generation. Similarly, this year’s bamboo horse lantern performance should be said to be a practical action paid for the promotion and inheritance of non -heritage culture.

铜陵竹马灯 踏雪闹新春

Author: Zhan Jingpeng

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