Is the beauty instrument “IQ Tax”? Nearly 10,000 consumer reputation tells you the answer

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What do you need to pay attention to when buying a home beauty instrument?

On the new consumer track of capital betting, the “C position” on the home beauty instrument station.


According to the data of Zhiyan Consultation, the size of the Chinese beauty instrument market increased from 2 billion yuan in 2014 to 6.622 billion yuan in 2019; it is expected to be close to 10 billion yuan in 2021, and will exceed 20 billion yuan by 2026.

With the heating economy, the consciousness of “anti -first old” has gradually penetrated in the young consumer group. More and more female consumers are pursuing “freedom of skin care”, and the family beauty instrument ushered in an era of outbreak.

With the rapid rise of this emerging market, the brand of home beauty instruments has continued to emerge. However, the low threshold in the field of small appliances also mixed the entire industry. Due to problems such as product quality defects, false advertising publicity, cottage brand infringement, etc., the household beauty instrument was labeled with “IQ Tax”.

Above the wind, the favor of the “RF beauty instrument”

Since Japan launched the world’s first face -to -face instrument in the 1980s, the wave of global technology skin care has been unstoppable.

Search for “Beauty Instrument” in the Xiaohongshu APP, with a total of 10,000 + pieces of products, 310,000 + related notes, and searching on the “Beauty Instrument” as keywords on the Taobao App. + Transcript.

There are many types of household beauty instruments on the market and different functions.

Cleansing beauty instruments are already the presence of the ancestor level in the industry. The principle is to use a specific frequency ultrasonic or silicone friction to “shake” the deep dirt of the skin to achieve the effect of deep cleaning. It is generally suitable for consumer groups with thick cuttings and strong oil secretion. It cannot clean and clean through normal cleansing products. When using, you must pay attention to the frequency.

The principle of micro -current beauty instrument is also very simple, that is, to stimulate cells through microcirps to enhance skin elasticity, which is usually roller design. However, large -scale equipment in the hospital requires strict control of current strength, which is usually operated by professionals. Therefore, the general effect of the beauty instrument under the current safety current is very small.


LED phototherapy beauty instruments are inspired by medical beauty instruments. Medical red and blue light mainly plays the effect of (red light) anti -inflammatory and (blue light) sterilization effects. It is more suitable for the use of acne muscle with inflammation and is not suitable for patients with photosensitive skin diseases. Because the power of the household beauty instrument is very different from the medical beauty equipment, and there is a certain gap in the effect, it is necessary to use it for a long time.

Today, the popular spicy chicken in the home beauty instrument industry is not a radio frequency beauty instrument.

The “hot Maggie” and “FOTONA4D” that are highly sought after in the medical beauty industry are radio frequency cosmetic products, so RF beauty instruments are also favored by consumers. Its principle is that through high -frequency radio frequency electromagnetic waves, collagen fiber acts on the skin. Collagen fiber can absorb electromagnetic wave energy and generate heat effects, thereby promoting the metabolism and regeneration of collagen, and achieves anti -aging effects.

Consumer Word Evaluation: Ya Meng and other RF beauty instruments to test “easy use”

Is it a “IQ Tax” or a “black technology”?

In September 2021, the “Consumer Report” collected and analyzed the six household beauty instruments with higher sales on the market on Tmall and Jingdong’s official channels. 9130 consumer evaluation data, including Tripollar Chu Pu, Yaman Yameng, DR, DR .Anrivo, Amiro, Silk’n silk, Ellkii.

(Word of mouth reviews are sorted according to the price, the ranking is not distinguished)

1.Dr.arrivo Zeus second -generation beauty instrument (rose powder)


Reference price: 13388 yuan

Word of mouth comments:

Zeus, known as the “Rolls -Royce of the Beauty instrument”, the price of bare metal breaking 10,000 has always made consumers sigh. From a technical point of view, Zeus claims that it is a beauty instrument that integrates mainstream technologies such as radio frequency, microcirculation, and LED phototherapy.

The patented technology promoted by this beauty instrument is “medium -frequency intermittent pulse+super pulse perforation”. There is a test of efficacy tests. The sample data comes from 32 Chinese healthy men and women for 28 consecutive days.

After use, more consumers agree that the effect of “tightness” is relatively obvious. For example, “the skin is improving after Zhou Gua”, “the skin quality has improved, and the effect of tirming the UP mode is the best”.

At the same time, some consumers have mentioned that “every day insist on changes”, “eyebrows are obviously improved”, “3D guides are flexible”, “removing fine lines and edema effects are super good”.

In terms of use, this beauty instrument needs plug -in, which is slightly inconvenient. In addition, according to consumers ‘evaluation, Zeus’ after -sales communication problem is unsatisfactory, and the “rude” of product packaging also makes people vomiting the price and the price.

2.Tripollar Early Pu Stop VX GOLD 2nd Generation Gold Diamond Beauty instrument

Reference price: 5898 yuan

This beauty instrument is a new model in 2021. It has the Turbo RF (turbocharged radio frequency) function and claims to be able to “not have traces.”

In the product page of the official flagship store in Chupu, the relevant efficacy test was not mentioned. According to the customer service, it had undergone many clinical trials and safety tests, but failed to provide test reports.

In terms of use effects, consumers evaluated “the face is very tight”, “faintly feels that the lower jaw line is so firm” “improvement of the improvement of the decree patterns”, “long -term use of visible apple muscles”, “real -time edema removal of edema” The effect is obvious “and so on.

However, when some consumers used this beauty instrument for the first time, they thought that the current was quite “stimulated”. In the light mode, there is a micro -current, which is a little uncomfortable, and you need to adapt to “and so on.

In addition, this beauty instrument also needs to be used for plug -in without automatic power off.

3. YAMAN Ya Meng ACE Pro Four Ring frequency frequency frequency radio frequency beauty instruments

Reference price: 5399 yuan

Ya Meng, this ACE Pro Four Ring frequency frequency frequency RF beauty instrument is currently an upgraded version of Yameng ACE. It is still equipped with patented technology 4 ring -based technologies developed by multi -level deep aging problems such as loose, vertical, wrinkles, and yellow of Asian skin. The round pole composite technology can achieve layered anti -aging. Compared with the previous generation of products, the new ACE Pro upgraded the 2 ring transmitting to radio frequency+current+red light 3 -heavy technology. The area increased by 30%, and the level was richer.


In addition, Yameng is the only brand of the six household beauty instruments that provides clinical efficacy data from the sixth home reputation. According to the 28-day clinical efficacy test of the domestic authoritative three-party hospitals jointly well-known third-party testing agencies, after the use of Yameng ACE Pro beauty instruments, 34 Asian women have obviously shallow and shorter.

The distribution of crow’s feet (-29.10%) pattern is significantly reduced, and the corners of the eyes are shorter.

The thickness of the dermis (+10.22%), the glue protein in the dermis layer increased significantly.

In terms of efficacy, many consumers also have deep understanding. They all mention that “the skin tightening is improved”, “the skin color is brightened”, “for some old -fashioned symptoms, such as the corner of the corner of the decree. After the gel is used, the overall skin will be more translucent. “” The neck lines and the dynamic patterns on the face improve “” a bit like the feeling of photon skin “,” rarely stuck powder “and so on.

In terms of use, Yameng Ace Pro’s beauty instrument also makes people shine. Many consumers think that “it is convenient to use and easy to persist.”

Some consumers said that “temperature sensors, action sensors, current sensors, safer” “make a lot of comparison, or Ya Meng’s feeling is safer and effective”.


Unlike the first two beauty instruments, Yameng ACE Pro still continues the design of wireless charging. Some consumers said that “the new three -minute face -changing pause function is great, and the time for the supplementary gel has been left.” Short time, few steps, too suitable for lazy sisters “and so on.

4.AMIRO Time Machine RF Beauty Instrument

Reference price: 3199 yuan

If you are dismissed by the price of the beauty instrument, this beauty instrument of Amiro may be able to regain the courage to buy.

The technology beauty brand that was initially cut into the “LED makeup mirror”, which was launched later, also occupied a place in the market. The beauty instrument claims that 31 Chinese women’s 4 weeks of clinical test results and Chinese and Japanese dermatologists have personally tested endorsements.

The AMIRO time machine radio frequency beauty instrument only sets up two skin care scenes of light -striped repair mode and a tight lifting mode. Wireless use makes the beauty make the beauty anytime, anywhere. Consumers said that “the biggest feeling is to apply things to the face after finishing, and there is a quick absorption on the face” “The combined with gels will indeed have the effect of tiring tightness”, “the skin will be more translucent after using the skin” and so on.


However, there are also some consumers who report that “the current is not strong”, so the anti -wrinkle effect is not mentioned in the evaluation. For example, “there is no obvious feeling” and “fine lines need some time to verify.”


In addition, some consumers tease the “shell is a fingerprint collector”, and if it is changed to a matte matte texture, it may be more divided.

5. silk’n silk Facetite2.0 three -source radio frequency beauty instrument

Reference price: 2099 yuan

Silk ’N Si Ke This beauty instrument is blessed with “three source radio frequency” (IR infrared, LED red light, and RF multi -level radio frequency) patented technology, highlighting the intelligent temperature control can reach “43 ℃ · real glue boiling point”.

In terms of warmth, this beauty instrument is still good. Many consumers think that it is “warm, so comfortable”, “it will not burn the skin” and so on. There is no need to plug in, and it also allows consumers to grow grass.

According to the promotional page, the beauty instrument has only measured on the platform, such as the actual measurement of the masters, and the stars recommendation for its efficacy platform, which is relatively lacking.


From the perspective of use effects, “skin rejuvenation” is a point that consumers are more recognized, and it means that “red light makes the skin becomes delicate” and “the face will become a little white.” As for the effect of tiring and firing, some consumers believe that “the effect of pulling the tension is not obvious” “is not useful for the decree patterns”.

In addition, the gels used in the supporting facilities also have the disadvantages of beauty. Some consumers said that “although the gel is hydrated, it also does it quickly, and it needs to be replenished” “The gel is used a bit” and so on.

6.LLLKII Stading instrument

Reference price: 1899 yuan

Ellkii is also equipped with radio frequency, micro -current, LED phototherapy and other technologies. It is known as “Aquatic version of Zeus”. The instrument itself cannot be used for power.

In terms of efficacy test, Ellkii stationed in the Yanyi declare “14 days witness, competing for aging”, which is based on 24 -day Chinese women with a 24 -day test result with Ellkii official gel.

In the comments, it is mentioned that this beauty instrument can improve the edema of the face. Some consumers commented that “use it in the morning to quickly eliminate edema”, “Get up in the morning to apply a mask to use this instrument, and the face swelling will be swollen. “” Face edema has improved greatly, and no longer need to be afraid of drinking water before going to bed. “

However, the price of light patterns and wrinkles is still slightly inferior. Some consumers said that “the pores that they say are thinner or the decree eyes are fade” “The effect of wrinkle removal is not very obvious” ” The decreasing law pattern is not particularly obvious at present. “

Word of mouth data shows that before buying a beauty instrument, many consumers are frankly “to buy the beauty instrument with the mentality of paying IQ taxes”, but they did not expect that “the effect of use exceeds expectations” and believes that “follow the wind success”.

According to the actual effect of consumers’ feedback, it is found that effective points are basically concentrated in the aspects of “firming”, “light pattern”, “skinny”, “brightening”, and “edema”.

However, there are also many consumers’ rational call that anti -aging is a long -lasting war. There is no IQ tax, but it is not hard -working. Do not hold an immediate effect with a beauty instrument. It is king to stick to use.

The home beauty instrument market will be regulated

As a new product, the family beauty instrument is still due to the lack of industry standards. Since the household beauty instrument does not belong to medical equipment, it belongs to home appliances. Therefore, there are two compulsory national standards for this type of product: GB 4706.15-2008 “Special Requirements for the Safety Skin and Hair Care Instrument of Home and Similar Electric”, GB 4706.85-2008 “Home and Similar use electrical appliances Special requirements of safe ultraviolet and infrared radiation skin appliances “. However, the above -mentioned national target security standards are relatively wide, and many technical parameters of the beauty instrument have no specific standards and specifications.

To put it simply, consumers are looking forward to the “exquisite lifting” and “diluted fine lines” brought by the beauty instrument. At present, it is not subject to standard constraints. Related effects tests are consciously carried out by capable enterprises.

In terms of the choice of beauty instruments, judging whether a home beauty instrument has “effectiveness”, first of all, it depends on whether the instrument has a credible institution to perform rigorous and scientific clinical trials. Taking Ya Meng as an example, it is not only the first domestic beauty instrument brand to verify the efficacy, but also completes multi -center clinical safety observations of multi -region and season.


In addition, Yameng also joined hands with the testing agency, hospital and other units to participate in the formulation of group standards for the home beauty instrument industry. This standard covers hygiene and safety evaluation, product performance evaluation, human skin safety evaluation, and human efficacy evaluation. In the future, in the future It is expected to regulate the entire home beauty instrument market.

With the introduction of relevant standards, the development of the home beauty instrument industry will be based on it, and the beauty of consumers will also be safe.

Word of mouth comments:

Word of mouth comments:


Word of mouth comments:

Word of mouth comments:

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