10 Christmas Creative Capital DIY tutorials, simple and beautiful, do it in 10 minutes!

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Christmas is coming. Children are most looking forward to the decorated Christmas trees, and the kind Santa Claus will bring gifts in the middle of the night. Many children will also give each other greeting cards to send warm blessings.

Today, Handykid has prepared ten Christmas card tutorials for everyone. It is simple and beautiful, and it will definitely make children love it!

Card 1

Color paper is cut into a triangular shape of different sizes, staggered on the cardboard. A pentagram is stuck at the top corner of the triangle, with some rhinestones or other decorations around it.

Ca card two


Cut the paper into different widths, then fold them into wind piano -like, and stick to both sides of the paper paper from long to short. When you open the greeting card, a three -dimensional Christmas tree will appear.

Ca card

Draw two symmetrical Christmas trees on the paper. Cut it with scissors or handmade knives. The trunk is connected. Do not cut it. Combine the two Christmas trees, stick to the gum at the treetops, and stick it with your favorite stars and other decorations.


Card 4

Take two pieces of paper, draw the Christmas tree in the half page, and cut off the extra places after folding. Two pages of paper are folded and folded together. The treetops are stuck firmly, and then sticking to the inner page of the greeting card.


Card 5


Fores of different colors can collage special Christmas cards, cut various shapes of felt, and stick to the card. The more vivid the color, the more beautiful the greeting card.

Ca card 6

Fingerprint greeting card is most suitable for your loved ones.


Put your fingers on the card and print on the card. Wait for it to dry, add some simple patterns with a signature pen. Such a greeting card is absolutely unique.


Card Seven

If you have a plastic card, make a simple winter shape, dig a “window” on the cover of the greeting card, and put the styling card on the inside. Or reuse the old greeting card and stick to the plastic card. The three -dimensional greeting card is done.

Haybar Eight


If there are a lot of greeting cards to be sent, this greeting card is recommended, which is also suitable for children with young children.

Cut the sponge foam into a triangle, dip some green pigments, and press the paper three times on the paper to make the Christmas tree pattern. When the paint is dry, let the child decorate the Christmas tree a little, and the beautiful greeting card will be done.


Ca Nine

M -shaped, sticking some snowflakes on the edge of the card paper, just hanging up in the card.


Card Ten

Take thick kraft paper, draw a thread with a pencil, poke the hole with a needle, put on the rope and beads, wipe off the pencil wire, and do it!

The rope wets the pattern outside the card, sticks firmly with glue, and writes blessings in the blank space.


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