Female forensic notes let the deceased close their eyes

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Introduction: What kind of sin and secrets are hidden? A calm and wise female forensic doctor, an experienced criminal investigation captain, facing a paper forensic identification, one by one cuts the blood, violence and horror behind the corpse. The curse of the murderer is doomed. The cold corpses, bloody scenes, distorted sins, they drew down cocoons, traced their roots, the truth of the case gradually revealed, but they did not know that they were about to face greater mystery …

The first section of the double corpse appeared

Time: 10:35 am on August 8, 2007.


Location: Room 502, Building No. 17, Building 17, Guanong Temple, Chuyuan City, Songjiang Province.

When I arrived at the scene of the crime, Shen Shu, deputy captain of the Criminal Police Detachment of the Chuyuan Public Security Bureau, and Ma Jingluo, the captain of the second brigade, were already there. I intuitively felt that this was a big case together.

The victim is a pair of young men and women. They were cut off their throat with a sharp weapon. The most strange thing was that the two dead corpses were deliberately embraced face -to -face, and the four arms were entangled tightly. In addition, it was difficult to separate the two corpses. There are a large amount of dark red blood under the corpse, which has dried up.

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