How to choose toothpaste toothbrush? There are dental caries to buy fluorine toothpaste and periodontal gap for dental disease

Expert interviewed: Yin Xiaomin, deputy chief physician of the Department of Stomatology, Xiangya Hospital of Central South University

With a white teeth, it is an important symbol of personal literacy and health. It is important to choose tooth suitable for your own teeth.

In terms of toothpaste or tooth powder, everyone can choose “right” according to their needs. Patients with periodontitis preferred drug toothpaste. Because of the ingredients of antibacterial drugs, people can be used during periodontitis; people with soft teeth can consider using desensitized toothpaste. ; People with odor in the mouth can choose Chinese herbal medicine toothpaste; people with pigment adhesion on the teeth should choose whitening toothpaste. Such toothpaste contains zinc citrate or hydroxyl -based limestone, which has a certain cleaning effect on pigments; people with dental caries; Should choose fluoride toothpaste, fluoride can enhance the resistance of enamel to acid erosion and inhibit bacterial growth and reproduction. There are also fruit -flavored toothpaste on the market to help children like brushing their teeth. Note that you should not choose toothpaste containing a sweetener for your child, otherwise it will cause tooth decay when you stay on the surface of the teeth or gaps.

In the choice of toothbrushes, the health group is best to choose a smaller brush head, a soft brush hair, and the grinding treatment. The front end of the toothbrush is round and blunt, and the gums and teeth are not damaged when brushing. Multi -bristles are used with ordinary nylon silk and DuPont. It is recommended to use DuPont silk. It is better flexible and not easy to pour. Periodontitis patients and elderly people can buy “tooth gap brushes”, because periodontal disease often causes the gaps to become larger, and the elderly will have physiological gum atrophy. The tooth gap brushes can remove food residues like a toothpick, and the brushing hair is soft , Few gums. Electric toothbrushes are suitable for consumers who need special oral health care, such as orthodontic crowds wearing fixed appliances, people with artificial teeth in the mouth, patients with complex reidants or repair bodies, gingivitis or periodontitis patients. There are people who are accustomed to smoking, chewing betel nut, drinking coffee, drinking strong tea, etc., teeth are easy to pigmentation, suitable for using hard hair toothbrushes. It is recommended to choose a brush head for grinding hair treatment. This is because the grinding toothbrush can prevent harder bristles from forming damage to the teeth and have a strong effect on gum protection.

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