Beautiful and elegant little girl growth skirt -style sweater woven, attached to the graphic

The line is ready -made, as a weaving enthusiast, there are no dozens of pounds of Tun line. Essence Essence Yellow -green mink velvet 2 shares+1 shares of ginger camel color tens of thousands of Mahai,

The feel and thickness look very good at my heart, and immediately follow the imitation and woven in one breath.


Original, illustration:

There is no clearer diagram, because there is no drawing, you can only describe the graphics in the text. You can use the picture to decompose a small piece. I hope everyone can weave the favorite beauty


Graphic pattern (weaving): Line 1: 1 upper needle+4 twist (2 stitches and 2 stitches, 4 lines twist once)+1 upper needle,+1 pins+air needle+2 and 1+1 down needle +2 and 1+empty needle+1 pins, circularly woven


Line 2 full needle


Line 3: 1 upper needle+4 twist+1 upper needle, 2 tacks+empty needles+3 and 1 needle+air needle+2 needle,


Round 4 full needle


There are 13 stitches in a group of tricks, which can be woven.

Weaving records: (for reference only, depending on your own hand -adjustment)

Dress length: 17.5 -inch bust: 25 inch shoulder: 10 -inch sleeve length: 16.5 -inch hem enclosure: 34 inch


Line: 2 shares of mink velvet+thousands of Mahai with a needle; ADD gold needle 4.5 4.0 pattern: Golden needle 3.75 neckline: Sanyan Short Straight No. 9

1: The rear film: ADD gold needle 4.5 120 stitches, 4.5 inches of the flat needle, replace 3.75 to 117 stitches, and the pattern is 75 stitches after the end of the pattern, (4 pins of each flower pointed head).


{Note: The original tip of the text is described by the text. After watching it a few times, I dizzy myself. Write it here according to your own way, for the sisters who are as confused as me for reference. }

Specific subtraction: After the pattern is decorated, there are 5 stitches and 8 needles, and then the first time the needle is 5 pins on the left and 3 stitches on the right side of the needle. This is 4 stitches and 2 tackles. The third time is 2 stitches and one penalty. Each pointed minus 3 times and minus 4 stitches.

After the patterns are reduced, the gold needles 4.0 are all weaving, and the needles are 6-15 times on both sides, a total of 85 needles. Open hanging: 4 stitches, 2-2-2, 2-1-3, do not collect or woven to 5 inches. After opening: flat needle, 2-2-1, 2-1-3, Shoulder 18 stitches, weaving enough 5.5 -inch sleeve cages, 3 times oblique shoulder, 6, 6, 6.


2; the front film: the same weaving method, then weaving 2.5 inches to open the front collar: flattened 19 stitches, 2-3-1, 2-1, 2-1-4, 4-1-1 Times, after receiving the shoulder 18 stitches, do not close or woven 5.5 -inch sleeve cages, 3 times oblique shoulder, 6, 6, 6.

3: Sleeve: 52 stitches on the 9th needle, 4 groups of flowers, I twisted eight tweezers, and weaved according to the pattern. 1-2, 12.5 inches long in the sleeve, sleeves strong needle, closing of the sleeve mountain: 4 stitches, 2-2-2, 2-1- n times, 2-2-3 times, the top of the sleeve mountain top is flat.

4: Collar: 98 stitches 98 stitches, weave a line first, then 2 and 1 needle+empty needle, circulate a line, and then go to the needle. Completed.

The manuscript comes from the Internet. If there is any infringement, please make a private message! Thank you teachers for sharing! Love life and weaving!

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