This year, a single product is called “half zipper” clothing.

The simple style once prevailed in the fashion circle, and it is also the most favorite clothing for many lazy cancer girls, and the quiet semi -zipper clothing is so popular. Convenient opening and closing

Smooth wear

It can be created without unbuttoning the buttons.

Tasteful fashion taste

, So I have always been prosperous. This year, a single item is called “half zipper” clothing.

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Intersection Girls who like it, don’t miss it


1. Half zipper top+shorts


Simple and fresh white shirts are worn inside, stylish and stylish

Full of leisure

Essence The outside is paired with a green casual top, and the placket is designed with a semi -zipper, which is comfortable and comfortable. The silver loose short pants on the lower body are worn,


, Fine lace -up modification waist, build

Sweet and dressed feeling

Essence The open -toed flat sandals on the feet are worn,

Concise and casual


, A beautiful handbags follow, perfectly interpret the street

Freehand sentiment

Sports style full of casual tops, contrasting striped stitching clothes, creating a different

Fashionable charm

Essence The design of the zipper of the clothes is comfortable without losing the opening and closing, and the bottom is slightly shrinking and wearing

Relieving and simply.

The tight black shorts on the lower body are comfortable and beautiful, and also modify the long beautiful legs. The comfortable casual shoes on the feet, when you go out, look at it

Very comfortable

On the back of the handsome snake pattern crossbody bag, wearing the winding sunglasses, creating a different feeling of travel

2. Half zipper top+skirt

Blue -tune sweater, hooded design, youth wearing youth

Full of vitality

Essence The contrasting alphabet embellishment, fashionable and

Full of western sense

, The semi -open -designed zipper placket makes it more dressed

Comfort and comfort

Essence The lower body is paired with a black half -body mesh skirt,

Fashionable and elegant,

The semi -skirt creates a little charming mature woman skirt. The red Martin boots on your feet wear it, it looks like

Full -scale

With a slightly closure of the cuffs, neatness and neatness

Full of breath

It is presented, and the temperament collar can be standing or standing, easily creating different fashionable styles. The design of the placket contrasting metal zipper,

Stylish simplicity,

The clothes hem was completely kneaded into the skirt, and it appeared in shape

More tall

Essence The gray skirt of the lower body is wearing, and the casual atmosphere is filled with a pair of black stockings and black mid -boots. Dark brown buckle small square bag randomly in your hand, interpret the casual nature


3. Half zipper top+casual shoes

Purple -colored loose shirt is embellished with contrast


, Create a visual experience of fashionable and eye -catching. The design of the semi -open zipper is opened and closed comfortably and



, Slightly rolled sleeve tailoring, dressing


Essence The lower body is paired with black and white tight trousers to modify the beautiful leg lines, the zipper cut of the foot mouth, fashionable and seeing

Full personality

Essence The colored casual shoes on the feet are full of vitality sports style, black small square bag and exquisite sunglasses, showing full



The high -necked striped shirt is worn inward,


, The coral red casual tops are paired outside, bringing a little sweetness

Little Women’s taste

Essence The design of the semi -open zipper is used, which is comfortable and comfortable

, With a comfortable and generous lapel, bring


Essence Straight trousers on the lower body

Don’t pick your legs,


Bringing the classic and outdated dressing effect. The lace -up casual shoes embellished on the feet are worn, and it looks like


Extra charming

A small shirt on the red edge, stylish and generous and different face shape, with the contrasting casual jacket outside, it looks like

Full sense of layering

Essence The design of the placket zipper is simple and convenient to create a different sense of styling. Wearing casual jeans in the lower body, the holes on the knees, fashionable and fashionable

Break monotonous

, Roll up slightly, look like

Free and casual

Essence The conspicuous red pointed short boots on the feet emit a trace


, Combined with white messenger small bags, all occasions on the street party

Follow it very well

The thin black high -neck shirt, modify the neck

Slim curve beauty

, Outside a gray tone fashion top, layered sense of three -dimensional sense

Perfect interpretation

Essence The golden semi -zipper design of the placket is comfortable and convenient to open and close. A piece of dark green casual trousers wear,


, Simple and convenient opening and closing the zipper design of the foot mouth, the red light high heels on the feet, casting the travel of travel


Eye -catching

Fashionable and versatile white shirt, a zipper design in front of the neckline,

Comfortable and convenient opening and closing

Essence It is worn with a black tone jacket outside, fashionable and fashionable


The jeans on the lower body look like

100 % street style

The design of the high waist combined with the belt outlines a slender figure. The leopard patterned short boots on the feet are wearing, showing fashionable wiper

Street style,

A small square bag of a snake pattern, exquisite and beautiful, with brown sunglasses, showing


Different fashion sense

Red and black stitching fashion tops, jackets


, Fashionable and

Essence The semi -zipper design of the placket is comfortable and convenient, loose version, suitable for various figures. The lower body is paired with a pair of darkest loose casual trousers, pattern lace

Decorate the belt



, Wear with a pointed short boots with contrasting color stitching, showing the fashionable street charm, a handsome sunglasses embellishment,

Foreign spirit

Black hooded sweater, fashionable and prominent

Youthful atmosphere

, Purgically purple printed top, vision

Eye -catching and eye -catching

Essence The semi -open placket is cut, and it becomes more through

Comfort and freehand

, Wearing white -tone casual trousers, stripes on the side of pants,


Essence The black short boots on your feet are worn,

, Create a relaxed and free fashion style,

Good freehand

Long design casual top,

Fashionable and elegant

, Kaishi semi -zipper, the practicality is super like, and it does not affect the body.

Overall layering

Essence The contrasting stitching is embellished on the collar cuffs and the bottom, it seems very

Three -dimensional feelings


, Loose straight version, tolerant of various different shapes. The snake pattern boots on the feet are designed with high heels to create a slender


, Easily create a fashionable girl

Eye -catching

Slim yellow shirt, fashionable and fashionable

Simple and elegant

The black zipper is embellished on the placket,

, And can also create a different sense of styling. The design of high waist and umbilical navel is sexy

Charming atmosphere

, The lower body is paired with a pair of personalized ripped denim trousers, which is fashionable and trendy.

The style is full.

The golden buckle is modified on the waist

Beautiful eye -catching

Visual experience, black single shoes, fashion rate, and exaggerated large earrings set off.

Fashionable and modern


In fact, the dark gray shirt is wearing it alone, and it is also

Don’t have a charm

of. The neckline is designed with a semi -zipper, which is comfortable to open and close. Tight -fitting version of the origin

Slim and slim

, All the hems are kneaded into the trousers,


Fashionable and generous

Essence The contrast -colored straight leisure trousers, the loose waist design, wearing

More comfortable

, With a light -colored casual single shoes, put on a beautiful handbag, becomes the street becoming


Beautiful and charming

Sweaty -style casual top, half zipper design at the neckline,

Essence The contrasting color of the sleeve is embellishment, fashionable and fashionable

Eye -catching


, The bottom of the slightly closure and the sleeves, wearing concise and simple, and

Do not lose.

Wearing tight shorts, fashionable and more slender legs. The black pointed short boots on the feet, the elegant lady’s breath also


Fresh white T -shirt, stylish and generous without losing beauty. It is worn with a camouflage printed vest, which looks like

Leisure 100 points


Essence Simple denim trousers on the lower body are worn, showing freedom

Random tone

, The leisure on the feet is a single shoes to create a free


, Carry a small black bag on the back, and then put the handsome sunglasses, perfectly interpret the difference


Who said that the trend of the semi -zipper clothing has gone, see these “wear”,


Who we wear again, who wears, who wears,

After seeing these different styles of semi -zipper clothing, I like it


Do you think

Index finger movement

Want to take them home? Choose different matching methods in different places to perfectly show you

Unique fashion sense

Full of western sense

Stylish simplicity,


Comfortable and convenient opening and closing

Comfortable and convenient opening and closing

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