Qi Dong, Hunan: Crispy Jujube “Sweet” listing has become a “golden dates” for villagers to increase their income and get rich

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Golden Autumn September is the season of harvest. Qi Dong’s national geographical indication protection product -Qidong crispy jujube also entered a mature picking period. “Sweet” was launched. Jujube farmers gained the joy of harvest and the happiness of increasing their income and getting rich.


In the crispy jujube characteristic industry demonstration base in Ziyan Village, Fengshiyan Town, Qidong County, the crispy jujube full of fruits is full of branches. Recently, the weather is fine, the light is sufficient, the maturity of fresh jujube has accelerated, and the temperature difference between day and night is large, and the fresh dates have increased. It is when the taste is the best. The local jujube farmers must enter the garden every day.

[Sound of the same period] Xu Yuanlin, a crispy jujube grower in Ziyan Town, Fengshiyan Town, Qidong County

This year’s big harvest is generally output of about 2,000 pounds, about 30,000 to 40,000 yuan per acre

Local guidance of technical and powerful agricultural leading enterprises signed contracts with surrounding farmers to unify the planting standards for crispy dates to ensure quality and income. Xu Yuanlin contracted more than 10 acres of crispy dates in the base, and it is expected that the income this year will exceed 300,000 yuan. Not only did he increase his income and get rich, he lived a “sweet” life, but also provided employment opportunities at the door for more than 10 surrounding villagers.

[Sound of the same period] Zhou Zhilong, head of Hunan Xinfeng Fruit Industry Co., Ltd. Crispy Jujube Base

Our entire company is more than 200 acres. The company+farmers’ contract model // Each household is about 10 acres and then uniformly provides the company with the full technical guidance of jujube seedlings. Including some villagers can enjoy benefits from our jujube harvest

The purple shale soil in Qidong County is widely distributed, accounting for more than half of the total area of ​​the land. It is suitable for the growth of jujube trees. Jujube planting has a history of more than 700 years. Although Qi Dong’s crispy jujube is not large, the fruit is well -proportioned, sweet, and crispy. It is known as “boutique in jujube fruit” and was rated as a national geographical indication protection product in 2013. Qidong County issued a reward method to encourage crispy jujube large -scale planting, and take leading enterprises such as Xinfeng Fruit Industry as the starting point to demonstrate the promotion of large -scale demonstration in the county. 60,000 acres, with an annual output of nearly 60,000 tons of fresh dates, becoming the “golden dates” to increase their income and get rich.



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