Chinese coffee table, creating a classical Chinese style living room

Chinese coffee table is a special coffee table under the Chinese decoration. From ancient times to the present, Chinese coffee tables have played an important role in decoration. In the renovation, Chinese coffee tables have richer changes. With the beauty of the ancient style and the natural sense of pure wood, they have a place in the furniture army.

The use of classical storage tanks as a Chinese coffee table is a very unique creativity. Such coffee tables not only have the effects of placement and storage, but also full of classical beauty and design.


The square coffee table is the most common type of Chinese classical coffee table, but this coffee table has increased the thickness of the entire coffee table through the design of the double -layer wood.


The coffee table made of stone balls and glass, although it is out of the Chinese coffee table style, can also be seen at a glance that it is a Chinese design, and it is matched with the glass commonly used in modern styles, which is a perfect combination of classical and modern.

In the outside, there is no hollow coffee table design. In addition to a stable feeling, the Chinese style will not be very strong. You can match some modern design.

The double -layer wooden style is also full of modern sense in Chinese classical style. The lower layer also has a storage function, which is practical and beautiful.

After adding the table flag, the entire coffee table belt also brought a noble temperament, which also reduced the performance of the wood color. It can be matched with silver sofas.


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