Skoda, a brand that cannot be saved in the Chinese market

Recently, according to our latest understanding, Toyota Avalon (known as Asian Dragon) is expected to officially discontinue production in the US market after 2022, and the reason for the suspension of production is that the sales volume is bleak, but the Chinese market will not affect it, and it will become it in the future. Chinese special models.

There are many Chinese special models in the automotive market because the Chinese market can afford it, and even some models are well raised.

Of course, there are good ones, such as Skoda.

As far as the Chinese market is concerned, SAIC Skoda has been labeled as “cheap public”. The models and the public use the same platform and even the same parts, but the price is lower. The fundamental problem cannot be eradicated.

Recently, according to our latest understanding, Skoda announced the latest sales data of the global market in the first half of the year. According to statistics, the cumulative sales in the first half of 2021 were 515,300 units, an increase of 20.85%year -on -year.

On the whole, the results are good. Of course, the most hot -selling models must not be able to bypass the sharpness. In the first half of this year, a total of 121,000 units were sold, accounting for about 23%of the brand’s total sales. In addition, Koch and Komick’s sales were 75,500 and 73,700, and Kodiak contributed 64,700 vehicles to sales.


If you look at the market specifically, the markets in Western Europe, Central Europe, and Eastern Europe have reached 237,900, 97,400 and 22,500, and the increase was 30.9%, 15.4%, and 35.0%, and even The Russian market rose as high as 54.3%.


And when we look at the Chinese market, the cumulative sales of terminals from January to June are only 44,000 units, and under the contrast of the epidemic, sales not only did not increase, but fell sharply to 43.1%. Explain more.


Whether it is Ko Luke or Xin Rui, or a full -scale sales, the highest monthly sales are only three digits, and the Chinese market is gone.

As the world’s largest single market, China is also “fattest meat”. Lexus imports also resolutely not give up the Chinese market, but Skoda is really helpless.


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Frozen three feet is not a day cold. Of course, Skoda’s question is not something we can make clearly.

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