Large bags are only 20 grams! Jinan Seafood Market launched a transparent and light plastic bag instead of thick plastic bags

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In order to prevent seafood leakage after packaging, a black thick plastic bag is popular in the seafood market, but individual businesses are short of two shorts, which can easily lead to some consumer disputes. Recently, the retail stalls of Jinan Seafood Markets uniformly switched to light and transparent plastic bags to replace the previous black thick plastic bags, so that citizens have no worries when buying seafood this year.


Middle number black plastic bag weighs 60 grams


Has been criticized for a long time

At the entrance of the retail area of ​​the large seafood market in Jinan, Mr. Cui, a citizen, is holding fish and merchant theory packed in black bags. “Your bag is too heavy, these fish are at least 23 yuan.” The merchant spoke very well. “How much money I will retreat to you”, then picked up the bag to weigh it, and returned to Mr. Cui for a dollar.

“Some merchants are too dark.” With a yuan just returned, Mr. Cui said that when he came to the seafood market, he saw the merchant’s use of this black bag, and he obviously watched the merchant put the seafood in his own. Shen, but the price on the scale is very high, it turned out that plastic bags also spent a lot of money.

Having been working in Jinan Seafood Market for many years, Zhu Zhen, director of the market retail area propaganda port, has also heard that citizens and netizens have talked about the problem of lacking and less pounds in the use of black and thick plastic bags in Jinan seafood markets. “Our company’s market regulatory authorities have rectified many times, but they still cannot completely eliminate them. The company has been thinking about various planning governance.” Zhu Zhen said.

“Knowing the thick plastic bag, but I don’t feel the weight with my hands, I can do not care about it.” Mr. Zhang, a citizen, said. Subsequently, the reporter visited several seafood and aquatic stalls, found a medium -sized black and thick plastic bag, and displayed 60 grams on the fair scale.

“Don’t underestimate these 60 grams. People in the seafood market come and go within a day. Most people do not only buy one seafood. Money, every merchant can make a few thousand every month. “Mr. Zhang said.

“I didn’t pay attention to the weight of the bag, but I heard that the black plastic bag is convenient for merchants to take the opportunity to adjust the bag or mix water into the bag. As a consumer, they will definitely pay special attention when buying.” A citizen said. On the other side, the citizen Ms. Cui expressed concern about the safety of black and thick plastic bags: “When close to the bag, you can smell a plastic taste. He is worried about whether it is harmful to the human body. It is also environmentally friendly, and you can only use the merchant to buy aquatic products. “

The reporter saw in the market retail area that due to the heavier aquatic products and seafood, in order to avoid water leakage, many merchants would choose to pack it in multiple bags. As citizens question, if the bags cannot be degraded, they will undoubtedly cause pollution after discarding.

Market launches transparent light and thin plastic bags

Uniformly press 6 yuan/jin to the merchant

On January 14th, Qilu Evening News · Qilu Yiyi reporters came to Jinan Seafood Market and found that almost every seafood stalls were used in the same style, transparent, thin and light plastic bags, which also marked the name of the market management party and report phone calls.


According to Zhu Zhen, director of the propaganda port of Jinan Seafood Market Retail Area, this transparent and light plastic bag is launched by the company and uniformly customized by the market management department. Let the citizens worry about when buying seafood New Year’s goods.

In the market retail area, a stall owner showed reporters the load -bearing weight of this transparent and light plastic bag. “There are 6 fish now, and there should be no problem with a load of about 30 pounds.” The stall owner said that the current seafood market has a total of three specifications of large, medium and small specifications for merchants. Give merchants.

The reporter saw on the fair scale that the largest transparent plastic bag weighed only 20 grams, which was one -third of the past medium black plastic bag. “It is a little more expensive than going to the market to buy bags, but the unified standards, everyone operates honestly, does not have malicious competition, and is fair to all merchants.” Mr. Li, Mr. Li, said.

The new plastic bag will cover the market in the next few days


The merchant will be punished if it is not used in accordance with regulations

In fact, for the plan for unified plastic bags, Jinan Seafood Market has been preparing for a long time. According to Xie Jun, the assistant chairman of Jinan Seafood Market Management Company, since the end of 2019, they have begun to investigate the problem of market plastic bags. After a year of meeting demonstration design, a comparison survey of many plastic bag manufacturers, Investigations of outstanding seafood markets in various places have selected manufacturers with qualified production qualifications and standards in all aspects.


Xie Jun told reporters that the plastic bags they finally selected are not only transparent and light, but also degraded and recycled, and they are harmless to the human body. In addition, the plastic bag also marked the phone of the seafood market management department. When encountering consumer disputes, consumers can call the management department to call or go to the market rights station to complain.

“After using this transparent plastic bag, the previous thick bag problems and the water injection problem of bags can be clear at a glance. The aquatic products installed inside are also more transparent.” Ms. Liu, a citizen, said. Another citizen also said that the newly launched plastic bags in the market are softer than the black plastic bags in the past, easy to hand well, and have a good load. It makes people feel more assured.


“Jinan Seafood Market, as an early vegetable basket project in Jinan, is related to the table of thousands of households in Jinan.” Xie Jun said that in the next few days, their newly launched transparent plastic bags will cover the entire market 100 %, and market supervision will be The department will also randomly check at any time. For stalls that do not provide plastic bags in accordance with relevant regulations, penalties will be taken.

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