Valentine’s Day is here, your watch should also become a pair.

Valentine’s Day is coming, what is started to appear in pairs. Then you think, in your wrist, don’t give it a watch to make a partner, is it right? ? ? Now more and more people began to consciously beware of the importance of the watch. The watch can provide your current time more quickly and more accurately. When you are crowded in the crowd, the role of your watch is more obvious. You don’t have to make your mobile phone, just take a raise hand, you can know the time now. Next, I will recommend what kind of kind of watch that people choose to choose.


First, men’s watch

Men’s watches generally choose a pointer watch, which is simpler, atmospheric. Fi Le (FILA) fashion simple nylon table with quartz men’s watch FLM38-778 FLM38-778-201 is a good choice. It has a minimalist-opening dial, simple two-needle design, and a striking brand indicated. Lightweight atmosphere, thickness is only 6.5mm, the folding surface is designed, exquisite thread crown, wrist 204g, let you feel light, there is no impact on the action. Exquisite etching brand design, with stainless steel, with 50 m waterproof function. With the nylon strap, the flexibility is strong, sweat-absorbent, needle buckle, simple and no atmosphere.

Second, ladies watch

The ladies watch is compared to men, the general dial is smaller, easier to carry. Fiile (FILA) watch simple fashion women’s watch three-needle stone belt ladies watch FL38-794 FL38-794-003 is very suitable for women. It is interested in embarrassing, the wrist shop, the Mediterranean sea hot sun is full of ancient streets, and the strong love is scattered with the long-term sea breeze, and the roots are sprouted. Match the simple red pointer with the big open surface. Low-key showing elegant new fashion, bringing business and leisure to switch, whenever and where, this wrist watch will show you a rich metrics.

Third, children’s watch

Don’t think that it is only a big person to pay attention to this matter, and children are more needed. Similarly, you can’t let the child’s hand is alive. And this child’s watch is equipped with a beautiful and most light transmissive, which can actually show the quality of the dial, and the waterproof anti-fog is very high, and the service life of the watch is lifted. Fashion night light shows, weekly display, cool appearance design, let children like their watches.


But in fact, the watch can also be divided into different types, and the tables from different countries have their own different styles and characteristics. Next, I will recommend what characteristics of the tables in various countries according to the table that keeps the country.

First, the country

The national table as the name suggests, is the watch that my country has developed by our own brand. Among them, there are many high-end existence in many watches. The men’s watch is a representative of a national form. 3D hollow dial, 3D texture presented, visual enjoyment. Fine steel folding table buckle, deserted firm and durable, easy to operate. Solid steel sheets, adopt solid steel, not rust, comfortable. The rear cover has a fashion design, a fashion trend, and a man’s charm is present anytime, anywhere.

Second, Japan and South Korea


Japan and South Korean also has its own characteristics, just like the Casio watch G-Shock series, this watch is not afraid of magnetic field interference, normal operation. Tough-delayed style, stereo 3D fluorescent large dial, heavy-duty loading, anti-slip big button, multiple functions multi-operation. Table back steel print, watch information clearly understand. The strap is made of resin porous table, freely adjust, easy to carry, and durable.

Third, European and American table

The European and American style is generally more straightforward in Europe and America. The CK Calvinklein Watch The CITY series has been a good review. It uses a simple style, a nichang black dial, and simplicity. Night light shows, pointers, nightlight, convenient to read. Brand marking, craft charm naturally exists. The buckle design is convenient and practical, and it is easy to carry.


Fourth, Switzerland


Switzerland’s watches have been widely circulated. Speaking of Swiss Table often, many people will jump out of the words of high-end products. The famous Swiss watch is of course not relying on virtual name, and its quality is worthy of praise. Tissot watches lock series mechanical table is a very good Swiss watch. Silver stainless steel willow lattice, diamond dark black dial design, stainless steel strap design, is a test of its work design. The gear crown is simple color, butterfly is a simple and practical, the bottom cover, and the automatic front cover is used through the movement, and the Swiss automatic movement is used, so that the watch has almost no deviation, more accurate.

I believe that there is these recommendations, everyone found their favorite watch, no longer let their wrists are empty! Just now, hurry up, enter a partner for your wrist!

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