Bi Yaobi: Large size benefits: ECCO Ai JOGGA retro fashion sports shoes $ 44.99

ECCO’s love step is one of the four major casual shoe brands in the world. The world’s only shoe manufacturer with vertical merger produced by vertical mergers is known to be well -known.

This ECCO men’s lace -up leisure shoes, the upper adopts scrubbal and fabric splicing design, taking into account softness, wear -resistant and comfortable breathability, textile lining, dampness and sweat, leather insole, built -in ECCO CFS comfort fiber system can replace plant tanned leather leather leather leather leatherThe insole promotes the air circulation of the shoe, accelerates the absorption and sweat of moisture, and has the effect of drying and cooling.The rubber soles can provide long -lasting grip capacity, light and easy to wear.The car line is neat and beautiful, and it is very suitable for usual leisure.Origin Slovakia.

比呀比: 大码福利:ECCO爱步Jogga复古时尚运动鞋 $44.99

Amazon, the United States, currently has two colors: Medieval/Medieval and Wild Dove

$ 44.99

, There are only 44 yards with inventory, which can be called big feet welfare.

比呀比: 大码福利:ECCO爱步Jogga复古时尚运动鞋 $44.99

About 350 yuan

(Unduned tax), the same treasure purchase price is 580 yuan+, the specific purchase method is more than the exclusive fool -style Haitao tutorial. For more Haitao information, please move the Haitao Channel.

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