Why does the computer have no backup power supply? Do you know that it is not stopped today 10 years ago?

Whether it is forgotten the electricity fee or the community, the sudden power off will cause the desktop to shut down directly. The key nodes of the game will fail. The work file is not preserved and causes the previous work to abandon it. Woolen cloth?


This is caused by different use environment for desktop and notebooks. At the beginning of the laptop, it was used for business people to travel. Of course, it was conventional operation with the battery; the desktop machine was used indoors and has an environment with uninterrupted power supply. Naturally, there is no need to bring the battery.

However, it is also necessary to prepare a backup power supply for a desktop in many places where the power outage or unstable is unstable, or the data is very important. Therefore, there is a UPS power supply.


The reason why the UPS power supply is not common is the game results of cost and income. The UPS power supply is very large, and it is easy to be tens of thousands of yuan. It can be used for the use of computers for an hour. It is not necessary for most users. Generally, it is only applied in computer rooms and databases.

However, many users will still face the impact of accidental power off. Here we need to introduce the “small battery” in the desktop electromechanical source, that is, the capacitor. Although the capacitance cannot continue to power the computer, it can effectively protect the hardware.


When encountering an unexpected power off, the power supply will give a signal to the motherboard, and the main capacitance will be kept by the main capacitance in about 17 milliseconds, and the hardware, including the mechanical hard disk The magnetic head reset stops reading and writing data.

In other words, the capacitance in the power supply has the role of “spare power supply”, and this cost is lower, which is obviously more cost -effective in the environment with a very low probability of power outages, so it does not require the expensive and huge devices as UPS anymore. For use scenarios with special needs, there will naturally be professional power supply to provide protection.

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