Give you a fashionable hip skirt, show the curve and femininity

NO.01 Korean version of personalized high -waist mesh skirt mid -length bag hip skirt

Every younger sister should have such a skirt, which is sexy and elegant. The slightly hidden mesh is combined with embroidery, with a hint of mirror -like hazy beauty. The design of the hip fishtail skirt, wearing elegance and temperament, set off a charming femininity. The irregular lining to the thighs inadvertently shows the softest side of women. Through rose embroidery mesh, you can see the looming calf, paired with this word -shoulder body, showing a sexy and elegant little femininity.


NO.02 High -waist Bags Laboratory Sligue Slim Skin Skirt

Of course, the perfect summer must wear the perfect self, the small fresh denim cake net yarn hip hip skirt, arbitrarily show the self -aesthetic temperament. The slim -slim wafer version, the perfect mesh splicing, shows a sexy curve. The hem stitching cake mesh, what you want is this looming perspective beauty. Light blue denim spliced ​​mesh, covered with a layer of girls, with high heels, which will make the legs of the little fairy more slender, and the temperament will be greatly improved. The pure white shoulder top is matched with the beautiful temperament of the fairy.


NO.03 Favori Tail Skirt High -waist sexy irregular skirt hip skirt short skirt


The slender waist, the posture of the grace is what every woman wants to have. The tight version of this hip skirt is perfectly outlined, and the bumpy lines have a unique female charm. By segmentation design, the side of the skirt is made of asymmetric ruffled edges, giving a flat skirt a sense of styling. The overall sexy skirt is a little playful, bringing you a comfortable dress, with a white top of the same ruffled edge to make a sweet and lovely sexy little woman.

NO.04 Korean version of high -waisted slim -fitting hips irregular skirt fishtail skirt

This year’s high -quality fishtail hip skirt is a weapon that highlights the figure. The three -dimensional high -waisted version is wearing a combination, creating a charming curve, and the elegant temperament is online. The hem is asymmetric and stylish, and it is fashionable and playful. The hem stitching a black zipper. Even a beautiful fairy must be a personality of a personality. It is very good -looking with a white top.

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