It turns out that this is the “suspension bridge effect”

Psychologist Arthur Allen has done an interesting experiment:

Arrange a beautiful woman standing in the center of a high suspension bridge, allowing some single men to pass, and leaving the men’s phone number for these men.

The same experiment is also performed on a small bridge with only ten feet.

The results showed that more than half of the men on the suspension bridge called the woman, and only two of them called on the bridge.

Similar situations have also appeared in the TV series “Female Psychologist”:

When the hostess Heton and Ye Jiahui were shopping, in order to avoid a couple of drag racing, Ye Jiahui hurried to protect Heton. The two blushed and thought that love came.

This is the well -known psychological phenomenon -suspension bridge effect.

It refers to: A person will unconsciously accelerate when he is lingering. If at this time, when you meet a heterosexual, he will feel the feeling of accelerating the heartbeat as a heartbeat.

In short, the stimulus of the outside world can confuse the facts and emotions of the brain, and make a wrong judgment.

Human life is full of uncertainty, and the suspension bridge effect generally exists in real life.

It is easy to make wrong choices if you ignore the real voice of the heart.

Recognize the reality, see yourself, and prevent the impact of the effect of the suspension bridge, so that your life can achieve forward circulation and continue to improve.

Don’t fall into the “suspension bridge trap”

Let’s look at a picture first. Is the character in the left and the right in the picture of B or 13?

I believe most people will judge based on instinct: the picture on the left is B, and the picture on the right is 13.

Because the left figure is a combination of letters, and the picture on the right is a digital combination.

But aside the influence of other characters on us, why is it impossible for the left picture to be 13 and the picture on the right?

There is a saying in “Thinking Fast and Slow”:

“Human brain has inertia. When formulating and making important decisions, it is easy to fall into the unexpected thinking trap.”

Excessive voices in the unexpected world, thus losing your rational judgment, you fall into the “suspension bridge trap”.

for example:

Most people choose to buy a piece of clothing, and you also join the snap -up army; others have accumulated a lot of daily necessities, and you also follow the trend;

You have made a certain idea, someone came out to refute, and you started to question yourself …

You will be difficult for you to make things that should be made to the outside world and swing on the “suspension bridge of life”.

Improve rational thinking and break free of the “suspension bridge trap” in life, can you live the life you really want.

The author of “Moses on the Plain”, Shuang Xuetao, entered the bank to work as soon as he graduated.

To others, this is extremely enviable.


But for the double Xue Tao who is keen on writing, a boring and stable life is a kind of spiritual torture.


Therefore, regardless of his surprised eyes around him, he bravely pursued his love, and soon won the first Chinese World Film Novel Award with his debut “Wing Ghost”.

After obeying the sound of the heart, walking out of the exclusive path step by step is what life should have.

Buffett has also revealed his secrets of success:


“Many people are higher than my IQ, but I do things more rationally.

You must be able to control yourself, don’t let the outside world your reason. “

In this era of complicated and multi -value symbiosis, keeping a sober mind will not fall into the “suspension bridge trap”.

Learn to identify and distinguish, and listen to your inner voice to make the best choice for you.

Can’t add to the “suspension bridge cycle”

I heard a word:


“Learn to let go of everything that has nothing to do with the present, all you have to do is to live yourself.”

The words of the hearty words reveal the truth of life.

After looking forward between sensibility and rationality, hesitant, the result will only increase trouble and internal consumption.

Qi Baishi, a master of painting, had a period of experience.

After Qi Baishi became famous, many friends came to see him for free painting.

Because he was a friend, he was embarrassed to refuse.

But painting for free, I had no time nor energy, and finally got exhausted, and had a disease.

This disease made Qi Baishi think about it.

So he posted the “told” in the living room:

“Selling paintings, regardless of the friendship, the gentleman is shameful, please pay money according to Runge.”

As soon as the “told”, the friends were embarrassed to ask for painting again, and Qi Baishi finally “relaxed”.

The world is complicated and complicated, over -concern, overwhelming, over -accommodation … All let the outside world stand above themselves, forcing yourself to conform to change.

Blindly followed the “external opinion”, but often things were not done well, and I soon “collapsed”.

The philosopher Krichanamati once said:

“Our energy is very large, but it is lost in conflict, fear, and anxiety.”

A person’s biggest self -discipline starts with refusal consumption.

Relying on rationality and doing what to do can we get out of the mystery of the “suspension bridge cycle” and live a smooth life.

Correct use of the “suspension bridge effect”

Stop comparison and redefine yourself

Bacon once said:

“We always get used to confirming our value in comparison, and jealousy and loss have followed.”

Everyone is unique, and it is very tired to live in the standards of others. It is wise to formulate the goal of life that suits them.

Some time ago, after the actor Zhang Xiaofei won the 34th Chinese Film Golden Rooster Award, he was unanimously recognized by everyone.

However, when she graduated from the Beijing Film Academy, for various reasons, her classmates went to make movies/TV series, and only she had been running a dragon.

Later, Jia Ling found her, Zhang Xiaofei did not obsessed with the “star dream”.

And began to start with comedians, sharpened his acting skills step by step, and finally realized the movie dream.

I am the helm of fate.

Don’t care about the eyes of others, and don’t compare with anyone, but do what you can do and want to do.

“The best time to plant a tree is ten years ago, followed by now.”

From now on, stop comparison, calm down to find your own goodness and love, and unswervingly maintain your motivation, you can also control your life.

Low yourself and start from small things

Many people can’t get what they want because they often have a sense of fear when facing huge goals, so they don’t know how to start.

In fact, compared with one -time big goals, it is those small actions that have been adhered to for a long time.

Stephen Geus, the author of “Micro -habitual”, is a good example.

Since 2012, Geus has made at least 1 push -up every day, which is also his first micro -habit.

Two years later, Geus had a dream -unified physique.

With the gradual improvement of the body, he applied the “power of micro -habit” to all levels of life:

With a long persistence, he wrote 4 times more than in the past, and the book read was 10 times more …

These practical changes are also inspired by his work “Micro -habit”.

As he said in the book:

“Micro habit can force you to take the first step, because it is too simple.

Even after you take this step, you will return to the comfort zone immediately, and will still come out tomorrow, and you will eventually take the second step. “

The tiny habit has huge power.

To lower yourself and start from small things, the achievement of each small goal will create greater motivation and enthusiasm, thereby forming a positive cycle.

“Manufacturing suspension bridge”, urge yourself to grow

as the saying goes:

“Keep a regular output and force yourself to enter, is the most direct way of growth.”

The “suspension bridge” of the outside world will disturb thoughts, but “manufacturing suspension bridges” within the controllable range can inspire yourself to improve faster and better.

When the “God of Management” was known as the “God of Management”, when he founded Kyocera, he received a group of American computer giants IBM to create a “IC integrated circuit substrate substrate” order.

It is impossible to complete at all according to the technical considerations at the time.

Do? Still do not do it?

Inamori told himself like this:

“Although we take the order, it is difficult to pass the IBM test with our manufacturing technology.

But after hard work, this problem can be solved after the technology improvement. “

In this way, Inamori, who inspired himself in the goal, completed the order as scheduled, and Jingxu Group also achieved breakthrough development.

In life, everyone needs such a trigger point to inject themselves to constantly rush forward.

So, hurry up.

Stimulate yourself with your goals, and invest in it carefully to gain higher -level growth.

There is a question on Zhihu:

“How to be calm and rational without being stunned by emotions and blindfolding your eyes?”

A high praise replied:

“When your knowledge and experience are wide enough, your control is getting better and better, so you will see more clearly and think more rationally.”


The true difference between people is reflected in cognition.


Treat yourself, others, and things around you, different views and behaviors will be different, and the results you get are naturally different.

Correctly define yourself, not to be blinded by the outside world, and no longer self -consumption.

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