6 dishes that are delicious or not, changing to eat every day, not heavy for a week

Looking at my proud belly, I couldn’t control it. Boiled green vegetables every day, to be honest, it is okay a day or two, so every day, like a monk who eats fasting Buddha, I really don’t have that perseverance.

How can I eat it casually and not fat? Then touch those high -calorie dishes.

Now that it is in the autumn and winter season, the sky is getting colder and colder. After work for a day, I eat more hot when I enter the house. Today we will share a few delicious small fried and steamed vegetables. Friends who are afraid of “growing meat” can be collected, and it will not be heavy every day.

[Minced meat steamed tofu]: tofu, minced meat


1. Put the tofu slices in the plate, and put a good point to increase appetite.

Wash a piece of pork lean meat and cut it into the end. Cut-off point


Ginger, minced garlic


2. Fry the minced pork first,

Put some

Old soy sauce, Douban sauce

Stir -fried red oil with Douban Sauce, pour the ginger and garlic and stir -fry, pour some water, and start seasoning: put some

Salt, pepper powder


After frying.

Pour the fried meat on the tofu.


Steam the minced tofu on the meat, boil the water on the high heat, put it in the minced meat tofu, use it

Steaming for 8 minutes medium heat

That’s it, bring it out, sprinkle with some coriander, and steamed tofu on the hot minced meat can be served.

When I do n’t eat staple food at night, I will steam a plate. Even the meals are available.

【Okra Tudou Pud】: Okra, Tudou


Okra is a high -protein and low -calorie green ingredients. It is rich in dietary fiber. Dietary fiber is conducive to enhancing satiety and has a certain effect on controlling weight.

1. Peel the potatoes first and steam the pot. Generally speaking, the potatoes can be softened in 10 minutes.

Wash the okra and simmer the water. Generally, when the vegetables are simmered, you can pour oil in the water and add a little salt.

Cook in the water for 2 minutes, and then pass the cold water to avoid insufficient taste.

After the okra is cold, remove the hard pipe and cut into a circle.

Prepare a small bowl, brush a layer of vegetable oil in the inside to make it easier for the mold, and place the okra on the side of the bowl. Do not sting together.

2. Waiting for potatoes

Steamed, add some salt inside, press the spoon into a potato puree, and then dig the potatoes into a small bowl with okra and flatten it with a spoon.

Cover with a plate and put the potato puree and okra on the plate.

3. Stir a little juice,

Cut some garlic and carrot diced color.


Fry the minced garlic, add some water along the pot, put in the carrot diced, and start seasoning: put some oyster sauce, stir with raw soy sauce and turn on the seasoning.

After the soup is boiled, hook a little water starch and pour the soup on the okra.

The perfect combination of okra and potatoes, crispy contains softness, less oil and less salt and full, it is really the best choice for fat loss.

[Small fried meat of shiitake mushrooms]: pork belly, shiitake mushrooms, onions

1. Come and cut the five -flower meat into slices, cut as thin as possible, and fry the oil inside.

Cut some shiitake mushrooms, millet peppers, and thread peppers. Cut the onion into shredded, cut a few grains of garlic, shred it, and then some green onions, and cut some onions.



Cook the meat slices, boil the water in the pot for 82 years of Erguotou to fishy, ​​add some salt into the bottom flavor.

Cook the blood and fat in the pork belly, and then pour out the pieces of the meat.

Boil the water in the pot, add a little vegetable oil and salt, and then pour the shiitake mushrooms into the pot after boiling the water.


Rinse it with cold water a few times.

4. 4..

Boil oil in the pot, pour the hot oil out of the pot, add cold oil to pour the meat slices into the pot, stir -fry the oil of the pork belly. After the meat slices are fragrant, add


Douban sauce

Stir -fry the red oil, put the point


Pour in

Ginger garlic

Wait for the small ingredients, stir -fry the scent of the small ingredients.

Put it in the green pepper section and pour the mushrooms that have been controlled by water to stir fry quickly.

Start seasoning: put the point

Salt, chicken powder, plenty of cooking wine

After removing fishy, ​​stir -frying the seasoning to taste the ingredients, sprinkle some white sesame seeds to clear the oil.

Finally pour the onion shreds, stir fry a few times, the onion can turn off the fire.

A plate of sprayed shiitake mushrooms can be served on the table. At first glance, the appetite increased greatly.

【Okra steaming fans】: Okra, Fans


There are a lot of okra to buy. Let’s do a light nutrition, less oily okra steamed fans.

1. Soak a handful of fans, soak in warm water in a hurry to save soaking.


Wash the fresh okra, remove the pipe and cut it from the middle. Cut a little red pepper ring for color matching. Put the cut okra in the plate like this, show our talents to the fullest, and look good.


The fans were soaked and cut two knives, otherwise it was too long, and she had to borrow a ladder for eating a dish.

Cut it on the okra, and then put the okra and pepper rings on it, so as to be significantly better than others.


Boil the water on the high heat, steam the placed plate on the dumplings, and the okra and fans can be steamed in 10 minutes.

Util this time, let’s adjust the juice: shoot some garlic minced garlic, put ginger in small pots, pour in:

Steamed fish soy sauce, raw soy sauce, chicken powder

Add some boiling water to open the seasoning.

The okra fans are steamed, and they are brought out with the adjusted ingredients. Finally, it can excite the hot oil.

A plate of delicious okra fans is steaming, just sell it.


【Leek fried eggs】: leek, eggs


Leek fried eggs, if this ordinary home -cooked dish is not fried well, the chives change color. Want eggs, soft and tender, leeks are green and green, dear, you look down patiently.


Get leeks, wash leeks, and cut into chives. Cut some red pepper, Qinghong is good -looking.

Play 4 hed eggs, add some




The key is coming,

Let’s add some water starch to the egg


Eggs are smoother and tender

Essence Use chopsticks to spread quickly.

Cut some onions.

Fry the eggs, boil the oil in the pot, and keep the boiling in the pan. When the oil temperature is burned to 60 % of the heat, pour the egg liquid into the pot.

We pour the eggs out, put some base oil, just oil, the scallion flowers, pour the chives and red peppers and stir fry. Turn off the hot pot.

The operation is as fierce. It takes 2 minutes at a glance. Although this dish is used twice, do not put more twice. Poor oil is too much.

【Salt Fried Tofu】: Tofu

Why are fried tofu easy to stick and break it? The method is very important, let’s try it today.

1. Buy old tofu, old tofu is tight and not fragile than tender tofu, so fried.

Cut the old tofu into a 0.5cm piece and cut it on the water. Cut the shallots with onion leaves.


2. Fried tofu

If you want to not stick to the pan, you must first slide the pot. Slide the hot pot with hot pot. Sprinkle a little salt on the bottom of the pan to avoid directly contacting the tofu and the bottom of the pot, causing the stick to the bottom of the pan.

Put the tofu and shake the pan gently, so that the tofu is evenly heated and fry for 3 minutes. When the tofu is discolored, when the bottom surface is golden yellow, sprinkle some salt on it, and fry for 2 minutes after turning over.

When both sides of the tofu are golden yellow, the oil control is poured out.

Put some water in the pot. After boiling the water, put some chicken powder and oyster sauce and stir well, hook up a little water starch, and collect the soup.

Pour the fried tofu and green onion and make the tofu wrap the ingredients evenly. Generally, the fragrant fried tofu is ready.

These cooked dishes above can make a plate in a few minutes. It is delicious and affordable. It is not only suitable for office workers. Friends who reduce fat loss can also try. It is much better than eating water every day. It can be done well, and it is better to save money than takeaway.







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