Which is the most important thing to go out for mobile phones, wallets, keys?

Life is like this, often so that we can eat it to grow wisdom.

手机,钱包,钥匙 哪个出门最重要?

Go out for a walk at night, walk back to the door and fold back a bag of garbage, and touched the pocket immediately when I brought it to the door. I realized that the key was locked in the house.

Imagine, no matter how you go out and forget to bring your mobile phone, wallet, key, which one makes you crazy?

手机,钱包,钥匙 哪个出门最重要?

Today I am deeply touched.

No mobile phone

In fact, for many people, what cannot be tolerated is that there is no mobile phone.

手机,钱包,钥匙 哪个出门最重要?

Mobile phones are not just social tools, but also our mobile banks.

Because there is no mobile phone, it means that there is no Alipay, no WeChat, no bank card. Now even the roadside stalls can scan the code to pay, and there is no food without a mobile phone.

We can’t leave their mobile phones for a moment.

手机,钱包,钥匙 哪个出门最重要?

Wait for the bus to listen to music, talk about WeChat on the journey, I read the e -book when I am bored, and I have to watch the video when I go to the toilet.

手机,钱包,钥匙 哪个出门最重要?

No wallet

Now that the Internet is so developed, there is no more terrible to bring a mobile phone than the Internet, so except for a few cases that require cash payment, you don’t have to worry about spending money at all.

手机,钱包,钥匙 哪个出门最重要?如此,不仅避免了费时费力伤财请开锁公司上门服务,也不用冒险户外高空作业了。

No key

手机,钱包,钥匙 哪个出门最重要?

This is exactly what I want to say most. I was locked at home before school, which made me defeat the fear of being alone; my mother in the garden was forgotten to bring the key, and I was afraid from the neighbor’s house to enter the balcony. Now because I rely on my psychology, I gradually form a habit of without keys.

How to avoid this upset?

Form habit reflection. As long as you go out, develop the habit of confirmation. Perhaps with a big character behind the door, 2 big characters are used to remind.

Fixed placement.

Be sure to fix the key in one place to find it convenient and fast. You can hang behind the door, and you can put it above the shoe cabinet and wait for the eye -catching position.

手机,钱包,钥匙 哪个出门最重要?

Remind each other with your family. The family guarantees that a key is fine.

The most troublesome thing is that I thought you took it, you thought I had taken it, no one asked anyone, and when I went out, I found that the pocket was empty.

手机,钱包,钥匙 哪个出门最重要?因为没带手机,就意味着逛街没有支付宝,没有微信,没有银行卡。现在连路边摊都能扫码付款了,不带手机就没饭可吃了。

Leave a backup. Far relatives are not as good as neighbors.

If you have a good neighbor worthy of trust, you might as well match one more to prepare from time to time. If you are not credible, put it in a place you only know, instead of being lost in hidden.

手机,钱包,钥匙 哪个出门最重要?

In this way, not only avoids time -consuming and labor -intensive money, please unlock the company to come to the company, nor does it need to take risks of outdoor high -altitude operations.

手机,钱包,钥匙 哪个出门最重要?

I remember these small posts, I hope everyone has a relaxed life, avoiding the trouble of small trouble.

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