Is the mountain rod and hiking stick worth buying? What are the benefits of it

If it was placed in the past, the mountaineering stick and hiking stick were still a rare item, basically no one, but now? Regardless of whether it is climbing, hiking, off -road running, everyone is starting to use mountaineering walking sticks. No doubt, it has become an essential equipment for outdoor activities.

So what are the benefits of hiking hiking sticks? Why do everyone use it?

During outdoor activities, the climbing stick can protect your joints, help you maintain a balance, and save effort when walking on some steep mountain roads. Studies have proven that the hiking pole during hiking can reduce the impact of the knee joint by more than 40%, especially when going downhill.

The climbing stick is a bit like a ski stick. With it, we can use the power of the arm to help us move forward. Whether it is on the flat or steep mountain road, the hiking stump can help us increase the average speed.

In 1999, “Sports Medical Magazine” published an article that proves that climbing sticks can reduce the impact of the knee by more than 25%, so during outdoor sports, especially climbing, hiking, downhill under -rands, etc. , Mountaineering sticks can reduce the effects of weights on our legs, knees, ankles, and feet.

In some wild areas, mountaineering sticks can also move weeds to play the purpose of playing grass and snakes, and there are also the thorns on the road, spider webs on the road, etc. In dangerous areas, you can also have the effect of defense, especially when you encounter wild dogs such as wild dogs and bears in the wild.

Generally, when hiking, the climbing stick can help you maintain a balance, and it can also increase the speed of travel. In some mud, snow, etc., it can also play a better protection effect. When crossing the river, it can also play a role in support. In some dangerous roads, it can also play a role in exploring the pavement. For example, you can also know if there are pit in the snow.

The most important role of a mountaineering stick is to reduce the burden. When we move forward, the climbing stick can transfer the weight of the backpack to the forearm, and then the mountaineering stick can be used to reduce the burden on the legs.


In the end, the climbing stick is also an important tent accessory. Some tents can be built only when it is applicable to the mountaineering stick, so that we do not need to bring a tent rod, which virtually reduce the burden on the backpack.



At present, there are three main styles of mountaineering sticks, which are two sections of telescopic type, three sections, folding type, of which the folding type is divided into three sections of folding, folded folds, etc. After five folding Our shop is available.

Two sections

This type of mountaineering stick is strong, but it is still difficult to collect after folding, which deviates from the portability of outdoor, so it is no longer available on the market.

Three sections


The three sections of mountaineering sticks are more popular now. With the improvement of the design level, the stability of the three climbing rods is no less than the two climbing rods. This type of mountaineering stick is more mini after storage. This type of mountaineering stick is mainly used in hiking, hiking, mountain climbing, rock climbing and other industries.

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Cordono Outdoor Snow Leopard 3 Series Carbon Fiber Stand Stop Three Section of Outer Lock Folding Cursor

¥ 248


Five quarter climbing sticks


The five -quarter mountaineering stick is an upgraded version of the three quarters. The same length of the mountaineering stick can be folded smaller and more convenient to carry. If you pay attention to high -end, then 50 % off mountain climbing sticks are a good choice. Similarly, we have in our store. Click the link above and enter the store to search.

The locking system of a mountaineering stick

The locking system is the most critical place for mountain climbing sticks. It directly tests the stability of a mountaineering stick. It is generally divided into external locks and inner locks. The outer lock is generally locked through the external hoop tightness, and the inner lock is to expand the internal components through rotation to contact the inner wall to achieve the lock.

Regarding the comparison of external and internal locks, if it is only used in ordinary environments, the use experience of the two locks is similar, and users can also feel it. However, in some extreme conditions, such as the desert with large wind sand, the inner lock is relatively weak, because the wind sand may be blown into the inside of the lock system, which makes the inner lock fail. Most of the high -end climbing rods are more locks.

About material

The material of the mountaineering stick is mainly iron, aluminum alloy, aviation carbon fiber, etc. Of course, there are higher -end materials, but the price is much higher.

The iron material is not recommended. Generally, it is very heavy, followed by aluminum alloy. The price of aluminum alloy is relatively cheap and the intensity is very good. It has a fight with carbon fiber. If you don’t care about weight, then aluminum alloy is good. If you value weight, then aviation carbon fiber is the best choice.


About the type and material of the handle

The handle of the climbing stick is currently using a straight grip, and the T -shaped handle is rarely popular around young people. Regarding materials, there are foam, rubber, cork, EVA, etc. Although the cork handle is durable, Dongge does not like it, because the palm is sweating, it is very uncomfortable. I am using the EVA handle now. It not only does not slip, but also sweats, and the experience is also great.


The rod bearing is also called the mudto and the snowtop. In fact, it is mainly used in the mud and snow. The principle is to increase the area of ​​the ground. At present, the mid -to -high -end mountaineering sticks on the market can be disassembled.

So how to choose a mountain climbing stick?

There are many factors that we choose a mountaineering stick, price, material, experience, evaluation, use environment, personal condition, etc. Dongge feels that everyone’s own conditions and needs are different. We should find one that suits you best for you. The climbing stick, not the higher the end, the better. For example, if you are like Dongge and your palms are easy to sweat, then you must choose EVA instead of cork. If you don’t care about weight, then the aluminum alloy material is also good.



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