Women’s stick needle flowing stranded hooded scarf, warm and practical (attached illustration)

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Little Cousin came to play at home during the New Year

Seeing that I am woven sweater

Begging me to give her a different scarf

I just saw Lily’s hooded scarf

It’s just that my sister wants a scarf and hat to separate


Then hurry up to knit one

Line: 30 Mei Nuo 7 shares


Dosage: Nothing to say

Use needle: The leafy rosewood needle No. 9 No. 9

Size: No quantity


I tried to wear it, and my face was small

Weaving instructions


34 stitches of needle 1 and 7 needles. Weaving enough length, set.


2. Pick your needle on both ends of the scarf, weave pockets, suture the theme of the woven and the scarf, and change the nine -knitting single thread after the two groups of flowers.

3. Press the knitted hat according to the figure. No. 9 picked double thread.


4, do the tassel, decorate a scarf hat.

Fracked practice:

1. Put a longer wool on the hard cardboard with a width of 12 cm, and then walk around for 25 laps. The last lap is longer and cut off.


2. Use a horizontal wool on the upper end to fight a dead section, a little tight.


3. Cut the lower end and use the last longer line to walk around a few circles on the top of the picture to tighten.

4. Pull out the lines around the line with a hook needle, adjust the running length, and complete.



• END •

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