Nida Mountain Dairy Refining

On December 21st, according to the WeChat public account “Quality Tashan”, “Heilongjiang Province Gandashan Dairy Co., Ltd.” was officially renamed “Beida Wastest Wayshan Dairy Co., Ltd.”.

Wan Da Mountain determined the rename information to the Blue Whale Finance reporter, but the other party said that the other party said that it was unclear.

In December last year, all the shares held by Whenda’s marriage for 14 years were sold at a price of 334 million. At that time, there were speculation in the industry to be listed on the market.

At the listing work of the listing work held in October this year, Wang Gui, the chairman of Dadshan, confirmed this statement. He said that he must make every effort to accelerate the promotion of various listed work and further clarify the division of labor and responsible departments of the listing work. “Wanda Mountain has reached the critical moment of breaking the boat and the back of the water.”

According to the official website information, the headquarters of Wanandama was established in 1965. It is the Holding Company of Peking University Wilderness Group, which is headquartered in Heilongjiang. Wandashan Headquarters has 24 branches and subsidiaries. The main business is milk powder, liquid milk, drinks, soybean products, rice wheat products, etc.

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