Full naked service, massage breasts, and the gray industry is deeply grilled: the maintenance you think is to give your life

Wheeling on Weibo to see a video, I was scared to death.


It looks like a man, naked in the whole body, and two towels in key parts, but the towel is burning.

What exactly is this? Are you afraid of burning?

It turns out that this is called fire therapy.

The video comes from a big V doctor.

This “barbecue” turned out to be a therapy?!

It may be too ignorant.


Curious as me, immediately open the comments and learn from all -round netizens.

As a result, the first comment could not be understood: “Isn’t a certain king closed? How can anyone believe this?”

What is the relationship between fire therapy and a certain health?


It turned out that a few years ago, the body that had been picked up was not finished.

Fire therapy, that is, pour some alcohol on a wet towel, and then ignite it on the body.


Traditional Chinese medicine experts said: “

I don’t know what is the difference between this hot compress and ordinary towels


The risk coefficient of burning with fire is greater. “

In fact, no expert confirms.

It is very unreliable to see the propaganda.

“Doing fire therapy is equivalent to 10 systemic massage, which is equivalent to 366 million cell exercise, which is equivalent to excreting 4.1 grams of internal garbage!”

Not to mention, there are garbage in the internal organs? How can I calculate it to 0.1 grams?

According to surging news reports, a certain health fire therapy can be burned from head to toe.

That is, all parts of the whole body can be burned, including 13 parts such as eyes and nose.

Also cure all diseases.

From the brain to bald, from the uterine erosion to the kidney deficiency impotence and premature ejaculation, from the deaf sideline to the constipation of the periarthritis.

If you have a spirit in the sky, he will be angry.

In fact, there is no fire treatment in traditional Chinese medicine textbooks.


Picture source: surging news

Many people were deceived because a patent was said to have a patent.

It makes people think that it is legal and regular.


In 2012, a patent of a certain Jianhuo therapy did apply for patents, but did not respond within the prescribed period and had been withdrawn.

That is,

I have applied for a patent but not passed.

Which patent is this!

Picture source: National Intellectual Property Office

What’s more unreliable is that Zhang Moujin, who first proposed fire therapy, did not even graduate in elementary school.

Born from a haircut, I have never studied medicine.

Walk to the south and break the north, dry Korean massage and Thai massage.

Later, he became a master of foot therapy.

In 2004, he suddenly published in a marketing magazine and introduced fire therapy every month.

It was claimed to be invented for 5 years, combined with Korean massage, Thai massage, hot compress therapy, and fumigation therapy.

But there is no scientific basis.

Picture source: Zhiwang

A few years ago, fire treatment accidents were frequent.


Two years of accident, two died.

Like the name of fire, it is really burning.


In August 2016, Zhejiang Zhu was deeply suffering from periarthitis and signed up for three days of fire treatment.

After the second fire treatment, the consciousness was unclear and the rescue died invalid.

However, the evidence was insufficient, and a certain health fire had no responsibility.

The name is fire therapy, which is actually “burning living people”.

Risk is much greater than beneficiated.

However, in 2020, there are still doctors in publicity, and some people praise.

Do you think there is only this? Intersection


Magnetic therapy is the same as fire therapy, but unscientific is very popular.

From underwear to the belt, from shoes to mattress pillows, from bracelets to water cups …

The price does not wait from tens to hundreds.


Picture source: People’s Daily

Most of these products are under the banner of imports and are popular with the Chinese.


“The imported is good.”

“Simple professional terms, although I don’t understand, it must be high -tech.”


When traveling abroad, you must buy a bunch of health products.

As everyone knows, the carcinogens were brought home.

In 2017, Shandong intercepted a health pad, which was seriously radioactive.

It exceeds 200 times.

what is this concept?

If you have done your chest, you must also notice the door of the chest through the room, which is a thick steel plate, and the doctor should hide in the small house for you to check it.

This is because the chest is radiating.

The dosage of a thoracic radiation is 0.1MSV.

This health pad is used for one year, and the radiation dose is greater than 200MSV, which is equivalent to more than 2,000 thoracic penetration.

You must know that you can do it for a year at the nuclear power plant, and the dose cannot exceed 20msv.

It is conceivable to know how serious it exceeds the standard.

Picture source: CCTV


For a long time, many people think that the moon in foreign countries is relatively round.

Blindly obsessed.

As everyone knows, you think that the tall health products are identified as illegal in the place of production.


For example, the United States, FDA has not approved any magnetic therapy products.

Many people know nothing and spend tens of thousands of yuan to buy illegal products.

There is no harm, and you are also regarded as a treasure.

Hychically pay the IQ tax.

Health products are diverse.

Breast massage is also one of them. Many people firmly believe that “massage can breast enlargement”.

Beauty salons and health museums provide various massage projects in order to cheat women’s money:

Breast care, breast dredging, chest maintenance, remove hard blocks …


To put it bluntly:


Wipe the essential oil, knead it.

Picture source: obstetrics and gynecology channel in the medical community


If you are just cheated, in fact, you should buy a lesson.

In fact, the price is very high.

Breast massage is equivalent to self -harm.

Why do you say that?

First, it is necessary to understand the breast.

It looks like a string of mature grapes.

Take the grape skewers carefully, you will pinch it when you work hard, let alone rub.

The same is true for breasts.

In 2017, Ms. Wang of Zhuhai dredged in the beauty salon.

After 3 months of massage, the promised dredging did not see it.

There are various problems in the breasts: pain, redness, ulceration, nipples, and unknown liquid flowing out …

One examination is breast cancer.


In 2019, Fujian woman A Yan had a small lump in her breasts at first, but there was no discomfort.


After the massage, it was green and purple, and was pressed into an internal bleeding.

One examination is also breast cancer.

Sadly, Ms. Wang and Ayan are not an example.

There are countless women who are murdered by breast massage.

Experts say that breast massage causes chronic mastitis and even diagnosis of breast cancer.

Chronic mastitis is very difficult to treat, let alone cancer.


Obviously spend a dozen registered fees, you can get scientific diagnosis.

However, in the beauty salon, he was given the body to strangers in a mess.

It’s pitiful and hateful.

What is even more hateful is that the health of the health also stretches towards the child.

In recent years, the tragedy of children’s massage has been staged again and again.

In 2015, the 6 -month -old baby in Pingdingshan fractured her legs after finishing the massage.


Before the child started learning to walk, he was deprived of the opportunity to walk.

It’s really angry.


At the end of last year, only 4 months and 23 days in Xi’an, they left.

Because of cough, I made 20 minutes of massage.

On the way home, the child was fainted, and suddenly his mouth flowing out of his nose with blood.

Hurry up to the hospital, but it is too late.

Many parents agree with the label = treatment.

In fact, there is no scientific basis for massage.

Picture source: Beijing News

Mother Lilac made a survey,

Children’s pads are chaotic.

You can get on the job, and you can also join the store.

The only requirement is literacy.


Picture source: Lilac Mom


Many people see that massage artists have certificates and think they are professional doctors.

In fact,

In the professional qualifications certified by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, there is no “pediatric massage” at all.

The so -called certificates of massage artists only pass the assessment after participating in a certain institutional training.

What’s more, many people’s documents are bought.

In other words, the gold content of the documents is almost 0.


How can these people do a laug? How can there be less tragedy?

After the death of Duo Duo, the official has been involved in the investigation.

We can only want the relevant responsible person to be severely punished and explain to our family members.

I also hope that the death of Duoduo is a warning, reminding tens of thousands of parents not to vote for medical treatment.

From fire treatment to magnetic therapy, and then massaging from breasts to children’s massage, all unscrupulous merchants are cheating money.

Can it be eliminated by supervision?

I think it is difficult.

Marx said:

If there is 10%profit, it is guaranteed to be used everywhere;

With 20%of profits, it is active;

With 50%of profits, it takes risks;

In order to make 100%profits, it dares to trample on all human laws;

With 300%of profits, it dares to commit any crimes, even the danger of hanging.

In other words, if there is profits and markets, someone must take risks.

A batch is closed today, and new ones will come out tomorrow.

What should you do?

Only by raising cognition and causing vigilance.

In the case of magnetic therapy, as early as 2001, the United States characterized magnetic therapy products as “conspiracy”, “illegal”, and “fraud”.

In other words, magnetic therapy has long been eliminated.

As long as you search, you can find true and false.

The Internet is so developed, but cognition is so lagging. Is it too high in scammers, or do you be obsessed?

Before Duo Duo came out, Xuanxuan, two and a half years old, had done 10 massage.

Every time I shout, I press every time.

Because believe that “pain is not through, it does not hurt.”


In the end, the condition worsened and the liquid was lost for a few days.

If you are not superstitious, can Xuan Xuan be sinned less?

Therefore, no matter how scammers promote it and raise scientific cognition, it is the best anti -fraud. Especially if you have old and young, your concept is the last barrier of children and the elderly.

Before writing this article, colleagues advised me: “The popular sciences are too boring, and readers will not like it.”

But I still have to write.

I hope that readers can truly understand that there is only one place that can cure the disease: hospital.

There is only one person who can relieve pain: doctor.

Don’t be deceived by the so -called health care, don’t pay for ignorance!

Picture source: surging news

Picture source: surging news


Picture source: People’s Daily


Picture source: People’s Daily

Picture source: obstetrics and gynecology channel in the medical community

Picture source: Beijing News

Picture source: Lilac Mom

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