It’s time to wear a half -body skirt in spring, to play in the spring tour, and multiple sets of matching demonstrations are worthy of reference

Spring is a season full of hope and vitality. In the warmth of the weather, the elegant and apparent lady’s skirt is the standard for each fashionable and beautiful woman. If you want to play in spring, you can choose a half body. Skirt match.

The models and styles of the skirt are diverse. There are many styles for us to choose. If there is no inspiration, you can refer to these half -body skirts with demonstrations. After learning, you will make you beautiful after this spring.

1. Lace hollow skirt matching


For fashionable and beautiful young women, using some single products with girlishness in wearing can give people a pure and gentle feeling. This white skirt with lace hollow elements, long skirts with too long skirts Although it is not conducive to showing the aesthetics of the leg shape, it is paired with a taro purple sweater and a black beret, but it presents a French romantic feeling.


Second, pleated skirt matching

This set of light green suits with a college style is matched with a body skirt, which looks like a pure and literary feeling. The short suit jacket and the pleated knee skirt with a high -end waist design are combined to show the younger sister. The exquisite and capable, with brown high -top socks and brown loafers on the feet, showing a beautiful and artistic retro beauty.

Choosteen Choose such a bright warm yellow pleated skirt is particularly suitable. With a thin white bottoming shirt and white small fragrant breeze jacket, it is exquisite and romantic, and the whole person looks bright.

Third, floral skirt matching


When it comes to the most indispensable skirt of Spring Day, it is a floral skirt. When we match the floral skirt, we must use the combination of simplified combination to make it messy. The colorful floral skirt, with a pure black T -shirt on the upper body, looks particularly elegant and temperamental.

Fourth, cotton and linen skirt match

For mature women who take an elegant and elegant route, choose this kind of unique cotton and linen skirt to match, giving a gentle feeling. The upper body can be matched with a blue color in the blue color number. Long shirt gives people a casual and refreshing atmosphere.

This unique rice -white cotton cake skirt with a multi -layered irregular tailoring is used. The design sense is not ordinary. With a thin light yellow gown and cloth shoes, the whole person is full of strong Chinese style Essence

Five, solid color skirt matching

Although the pure color skirt, although it can always give people a feeling of ordinary and unspoken, we can use the items with a striped, plaid or print elements to weaken this general sense, like this big red high -waist half body, like this big red high waist half body The skirt with a white striped trench coat, the upper and lower body color echoed, simple and advanced.


The high -waisted skirt with milk coffee uses a wide skirt, combined with the black pointed pointed short boots on the feet, full of personality. If you want to match a more exquisite atmosphere, he is tied with a scarf like a sister and a lady. With a pure white tote bag, you can do it.


Although the pure white skirt may not be so new in terms of color, we can choose this tailoring of novel skirts. There is a split -cut white straight skirt behind this skirt, which can highlight the slenderness of the calf. With a loose light pink sweater, lively and girl.


Among this set of Mori style, the younger sister chose a light green shirt with rice white knitted vests, retro and literary, and the lower body is a wide shirt skirt with a dark green hue, and the top of the shirt, and the top Perfect fit.


Six, checkered half -body skirt matching

我们都知道带有格纹元素的半身裙是最具有复古气息的,为了让造型不显得那么杂乱,可以像这位小姐姐一样,配上一款纯粉色的针织紧身毛衣作为上装搭配,营造出A pure and romantic feeling.

The sense of atmosphere created with different styles with different styles and shoes is different. I believe that after you appreciate so many sets of skirts, you also have the favorite style. If you like it, you can wear it in this spring. Essence

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