The “epidemic” line shines the bright color of technology, independently develops a new medical disinfection sterilization spray

“How many bottles of medical disinfection sterilizers are needed in the front line. We have it here and send it away immediately.” During this round of epidemic, Shandong Xiuxiu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. continued to transport “anti -epidemic” materials to nucleic acid detection points.

The staff is testing the new medical disinfection bactericidine.

Disinfection agents, masks, protective clothing, isolation clothes … Since the outbreak, this is a familiar item. However, how many heroes behind the scenes have been developed and produced during the period. How many layers of inspection levels must be passed after the masks, protective clothing and isolation clothes are produced after the production of masks, protective clothing and isolation clothes? On August 19, the reporter walked into Shandong Xiuxiu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. to visit these unknown behind -the -scenes story

Autonomous development of disinfection spray

Counted to emergency research special

In this round of epidemics, medical disinfection and sterilization spray can be seen everywhere at the nucleic acid detection point. Most of these antibacterial spray liquid dressings are independently developed and produced by Junxiu Bio.

A small spray looks simple, but it is too difficult to condense.

As an enterprise that has been in the pharmaceutical industry for many years, Junxiu Biological has given full play to the professional advantages of biotechnology. When the epidemic struck last year, scientific researchers successfully developed a new medical disinfection and sterilization spray in a very short period of time. As a new medical disinfection and sterilization spray, the product can kill the pathogen in a short period of time, achieve 10 seconds to kill bacteria, 30 seconds to kill mold, 5 minutes to kill the virus, with an effective rate of 99.99%. “Shandong Xiuxiu Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Jiang Hong said.

The research and development of a product has the efforts of countless people behind it. During the research and development process of new medical disinfection and sterilization spray, it solves the problem of previous disinfection and sterilization spray storage. The irritation and corrosiveness of the liquid are also relatively large. We constantly adjusted the formula and finally developed a spray with a wide range of sterile spectrum and a dual sterilization mechanism with physical chemistry. “Jiang Hong said,” This new medical disinfection and sterilization spray can be effective. Prevent drug -resistant infections, non -corrosive, non -toxicity to human skin, pollution to the environment, and is conducive to environmental protection. It can also form a barrier layer on the surface of our skin to block pathogenic microorganisms and play a protective role. “


In the production workshop, the reporter saw that the staff watched the instrument area on the equipment in the equipment clothes in the work clothes. The production line was intensively producing a new medical disinfection sterilization spray, and the scene was busy and orderly. According to reports, the daily output of this product can reach more than 5,000 bottles. At present, Xiu Xiu Bio has donated more than 50,000 bottles of new medical disinfection and sterilization spray to all kinds of organizations in the city and all levels, and included in the “New Crown Epidemic Emergency Emergency Specialization Special” in Yantai Science and Technology Innovation Development Plan Project. It contributed the “Xiu Xiu” power to the city’s anti -epidemic.

Provide third -party testing services

Tighten the “safety valve” to prevent epidemic prevention materials

Under the influence of the epidemic, many companies in our city transferred to the epidemic prevention and control products. Therefore, the test of medical protection materials has become an important and critical link.

As a high -tech biological enterprise, Junxiu Biological has a wealth of experience in the construction of medical equipment quality system and a third -party testing service capabilities for biomedical materials. For medical protection materials and protective items, the testing techniques of physical characteristics, chemical material marks residues, microbial aseptic indicators were carried out, and a set of detection systems such as environmental dust particles, sinking bacteria, and static pressure differences were established. Enterprises provide accurate and efficient quality system consulting services.

When I walked into the gas chromatography room, the reporter saw that the staff was using the gas color spectrometer to the mask sample to detect the amount of ethylene ethylene residual. It will be analyzed from time to time, but there will be a certain residue. We conduct the sample perception of ethylene residual detection, and we are qualified and safe in the numeric inner mask specified in the state. “Jiang Hong introduced.

In the liquid chromatography room, the detection of other organic solvent residues is performed. “We can also conduct sterile testing and other physical performance testing for first -line materials such as protective clothing, isolation clothes, and provide protection for the listing of these products.” Jiang Hong said

“As a biotechnology company, Junxiu Biological has a deep sense of social responsibility and mission. At present, the in vitro -type 3D evaluation system of the lung tissue in the research can also provide technical support for drug screening and vaccine research and development for anti -new crown viruses in the future. The relevant person in charge of Xiu Xiu Biological Company said.

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