How does the online 19.9 cheap jeans come from? Reveal the tail goods industry scandal

I believe that many people who have done tail goods and clothing business may often see some more than a dozen dollars of goods, and even a few dollars. This price looks very tempting. And wholesalers are not afraid to look at these goods, because there are really no problems in quality, and the texture is also good. So why do you have such low -cost clothing? Today, the clothing factory will reveal the secrets for everyone, why there are dozens of dollars of clothing.

Of course, the source of these goods may sound weird, but there are indeed these channels:


First of all, some of the products that have been seized. Most of these clothing are because some formaldehyde exceeds the standard. Generally, if this kind of harmful substance is too high, it is not allowed to circulate in the market, but often illegal merchants will buy these tails at a glance. Freight and clothing, and then secretly circulating to the market, there are now a few dollars, more than a dozen dollars of clothing.

Then there are some factories that will report more fabrics when the offer is available. This is actually the hidden rules in the line. The extra cloth can make clothing by itself, and then the clothing produced is basically a profit. Therefore, generally more than 20 yuan of goods can still be purchased with confidence, but there is no kind of substance that is harmful to the body.


There are others who donate clothes to the mountains, aren’t they surprised? These clothes that are not used by urban people are usually rolled to the children in the mountains, but in fact, they are not in the hands of those children. In most cases, they have been purchased at a low price. Then go to the second treatment, and the clothing after bleaching becomes a fabric. Such fabrics are cheap and quality.

Of course, there are some stocks, and some large factories generally have a lot of orders, but there must be some products that produce disabled. At this time, it is a very large batch of inventory, and many wholesalers value this. The profits inside, a lot of these factories to collect these tail goods, so the price is also cheap.

The above are some channels for cheap goods. Some are really unsatisfactory. The more dollars of clothing, the more unspeakable clothing. In today’s society, it is impossible to make a few dollars of costs. Don’t think about it. And some inventory is better, just a little quality flaws, and it is still good in workmanship.

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