These badminton bags are a bit expensive, but the face value is high and practical

As a badminton amateur enthusiast, the ball skills can be scum, and the equipment must be sauce. Many fans like to burn rackets, sneakers, and buy jerseys, but in fact, good -looking badminton bags can also add a lot of points for you.

The editor of Aiya prefers the badminton rectangular bag. Today I recommend some rectangular ball bags that I personally think they are more durable. This article is not an advertisement, for your reference.


1. Li Zongwei, the same Eunix Bag-21LCW rectangular bag


In the 2017 World Championships, Yenix released Li Zongwei’s exclusive series of equipment. The BAG-21LCW rectangular bag was also launched. There are two types of black/blue, black/orange, and 750*230*330 in length, width, and height. Badminton rackets, the capacity is not small, just right, and the small man can easily control it.

The editor of Aoya prefers orange, because it is full of energy, but the price is not cheap.

Second, Lin Dan’s same model Yenix BAG-41WLD/43WLD

This is the same rectangular ball bag of Lin Dan, which was listed in 2016. There are two sizes. The model BAG-43WLD should be slightly smaller. The length, width, and height are 750*180*330, all matte black/red.


It is not a problem for ordinary amateur golfers to have four or five rackets. There is also a isolation partition that can be installed for shoes. The red and black color is a color that Dan Shen likes very much, and it is enough to pull the wind.

Third, the same model Li Ning abjn016 rectangular bag


Chen Long’s 2018 same ball bag, pure black, length, width and height is 730*200*300, very low -key, touching very texture, suitable for stuffy golfers.


Many beautiful color bags look dirty after a long back of the back. The biggest advantage of the black bag is that it is not easy to dirty and easy to match.

Fourth, Yenix BAG9631WLE

This ball bag is pure white, which is very suitable for female fans, but after all, it is easy to dirty. The length, width, and height are 750*180*330, which is exactly the same as Lin Dan’s 2016 rectangular ball bag. It is not a problem to put down 6 rackets.

5. VCitor rectangular bag BR9607

BR9607 is a new product of Wicker in 2017. It has three colors: blue+green, red+blue, red+black, and the size is 750*200*320. The design is relatively simple.


6. Adidas BG110411 rectangular bag


Adidas has also entered the badminton industry for some time. The BG110411 launched in early 2019 is more fashionable on the appearance of the badminton rectangular bag. The ball bag has a prominent Adidas three bars, with a length, width, height of 740*310*230, compared to the previous models. Slightly wider.

In view of the layout, the editor of Aiya only recommends some rectangular bags. Welcome everyone to talk about which one of your favorite badminton bags in the comment area.

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