New Bellen led running shoes, the cushion is good, you can rebound

Is New Bellen led running shoes now? Is the design route now?

Back to the appearance level, the color matching of the whole pair of shoes is creamy. In running shoes, whether it is a single cream color or a single red copper color, it will give a person a very soil feeling. Why do you say that, these Q pop -up super upper and abdomen use a large amount of Mono gauze materials. When the cream color is mixed with the golden Mono yarn, you can see the shiny golden, low -key and showing off from different angles. My favorite combination.

Of course, it is not enough to look good. The side of the shoe waist is designed with transparent mesh, the background color is the same as the sole. In addition to visual impact, breathability should also be guaranteed.

This pair of shoe is more sunny. It is a large area of ​​three -dimensional ring around TPU. The armor of the red bronze statue soldiers is strong and inviolable and expensive. Of course, this is not just to look good. Later, a large amount of TPU patch is mainly used to increase stability so that each step can be accurately landed without swaying.

After reading the appearance, we still have to return to the shoes itself. A pair of running shoes itself is his bottom, and the bottom of the middle is the collection of the soul of running shoes. New Balen’s leading ammunition technology has also won a prize in the world. This time, the Q bullet ultra -midsole uses a unique Q bomb technology. It is said that at the moment of raising the feet, 65%of the reactive pressure transformed pressure into the driving force for pushing the soles of the foot. I think New Balen leads spring springs and evidence on the shoes.

The bottom of the Q bomber is high -elastic material of the foam structure. The whole palm is the bottom of the rubber. The circles of different sizes are distributed according to different force, which is safe and non -slip. It also provides comfortable foot feel and good wear resistance.

The feet of new shoes are always heartbreak. I hope that the feeling of my feet is as good as the appearance level, and the elastic knitted upper is more convenient to wear. Q pop -up super shoe type is a suitable type, and the packaging is well packed, which is beyond my accident. Now more companies like to relax the position of the forefoot to the E version.

Wearing this pair of breathable Q pop -up door requires courage. The cool feeling is poured directly from the breathable windows of the knitted upper and the side of the shoe. Essence

During the running process, when the feet landed, the rapid rebound was the rebound thrust we wanted, which was more effort to do more with less. Without such a rebound, our tactile time will be extended, and the forward power of insufficient thrust will be reduced, which will affect the speed of the stride and steps.

I prefer to pack and stability based on shoes, and then feel a rebound. If the first two points are not done, the rebound will sink or shake, resulting in a more laborious situation. As far as packaging and stability are concerned, I personally feel satisfied with the Q bomber. I can support the entire running posture at one time, and the promotion of the reincarnation of the ground has become the icing on the cake. think about it.


Go home and test on the treadmill. People who run often are not used to treadmills because they always feel dragged. If the soles are too soft and elastic, running will be difficult. When the Q bomber runs on the treadmill, the pace is 530. Compared with road running, the elasticity of shoes is more obvious. The knitted shoe holes are fixed on the hot film around the shoelaces to enhance the packaging performance of the shoes. After a different running running test, the Q bullet is super suitable for long -distance jog above 10 kilometers. It has outstanding stability and packaging performance. In the buffer rebound, it can support the pace.

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