Wang Li’s anti -theft door, a super -level anti -theft door with “identity”

With the development and progress of science and technology, when more and more people are buying doors, the first choice is Wang Li’s anti -theft door. Those who know Wang Limen know that Wang Li’s anti -theft door has more advanced security than ordinary doors. Technology, and more peace of mind in use, can bring us a very good security effect. So what is the better than the ordinary door of the Wangli anti -theft door?


1. Lock body: The general national standard lock body needs to twist the key to make all locks pop. It is particularly easy to leak locks and locks. Popping up, automatic locking in all directions, not afraid of forgetting locks, convenient to use all kinds of people from old to young, gently, closing the door is super -level anti -theft door.


Second, lock tongue: Wang Li’s lock tongue is also different from ordinary ones. Ordinary lock tongue is a cylindrical body. If the violence is opened, use a strong pliers to support, and a gap is exposed. There are two -way anti -pry hooks on the tongue, tightly bite with the door frame, and will only pry and tighter. There is also a unique gap to compensate the tongue on the lock tongue. Don’t look at it with a small head and a very large effect. The ordinary door does not have this device. The installation time is long. There is an abnormal noise, and the compensation tongue with this gap is different. When the leather strips are tight, it will not extend. When the leather bar gradually aging, the compensation tongue will automatically adjust the extension. The door fan and door frame are always closely fitted. From the perspective of Feng Shui, leakage is leakage. With this compensation tongue device, you don’t have to worry about this problem.

Third, quality: In fact, the lock panel of Wang Li’s anti -theft door uses stainless steel materials, which is not easy to deform; cat eyes use gold -plated anti -disassembly cat’s eye, which can not only avoid the thief unlock through the cat’s eye, but also not fade for a long time; even Military -level bearing hinges are tested by professional salt and fog, which can reach 70 years without rust and deformation; and now Wang Li’s anti -theft door is produced by smart devices, which is more accurate in all aspects and durable.


Finally, look at the anti -counterfeiting: Wanglimen’s door frame has a anti -counterfeit steel printing number, which can not only check whether the anti -theft door is genuine, but also traces back to the production time, production personnel, and production processes. This steel print is like the anti -theft door. If you have a quality problem, you can trace the origin, save time and effort.

Today, the development of Wang Limen has become the leader of the door lock industry, and has gradually replaced the traditional door into millions of households. It protects not only our property safety, but also relieves our worry about family security. I believe in the future. Wang Li will definitely lead the world lock trend in security technology!

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