Formulas and relaxation of various parts of pants

1. Relax of H

Men’s West Pants: 10-18cm jeans: 3-12cm

Female trousers: 6-10cm European board pants: 4-8cm jeans: -4-4cm

Elderly: 10-16cm3 u. E: `” b z; C

Second, the depth of the crotch (formula H/4 for reference only) Deep and shallow showing the human body’s height beauty.

Light crotch: shows that the leg’s legs are particularly long (generally should be used in women’s pants)

Deep in the crotch: Show people’s particularly thick pier (generally should be used in men’s pants)

Men’s West Pants: 25-28cm jeans 22-26cm Height increased by 0.8-1cm in a height of 5CM.

Female trousers: 24-27cm jeans 20-24cm include low waist-_7? 8 u/ q; c ‘]%} -s8 o% ^

160/100A Crown Deep at 26cm 160/60A Crown Crown Deep at 23cm* T5 I# Z $ J* S! _6 Z* A $ N: P

The deep -crotch is related to the height of the body and slightly related to the enclosure. It cannot be calculated according to H/4, and the height is mainly considered. : D4 H5 {* P $ {/ ^! A4 C $ Q+ K6 S V

Third, small crotch, big crotch-k, _8 t* c0 g) m $ x- {2 ^3 j8 f) {2 @

Western small crotch H/20 crotch H/10 jeans small crotch 0.4h/10 crotch 0.9h/10) U0 T% H2 K $ _+ R!] $ V

Total thickness of the crotch: 1.4h/10-1.6H/10

The value of large crotch and small crotch determines the thickness of the hip side. 6 p2 x* `’y f

The value of the small crotch, because it is H/20, the range of the value is small, so you can directly take the value

Men’s West Pants 5cm Jeans 4-4.5cm; D; Y; G-X5 H

Female trousers 4-4.5cm jeans 3.2-4cm 1 v g* c* c-l. B

Fourth, pants mouth size set% f, b! D1 y, i: f% o# p# m* p. B

Setal pants 15-20cm pants 20-22-24cm flared pants 24-28cm (about 5cm difference in the crotch and toes in the micro -jealler) 8 F+ U8 x+ R. ~ 4 W

Men’s West Pants 22-24cm Female West Pants 20-22cm v B (f/ p0 g. Q5 E2 _

After five, it is tilted (it is related to the dilemma, and it is decided to squat from the human body) 6 n, g! `;]* F: i7 g: a

Young people are slightly smaller, 2-2.5cm

[The elderly are slightly larger, 2.5-3cm9 E (O3 H5] 8 U4 J9 F

6. After the dilemma 8 degrees-15 degrees’]. G2 G0 W% H $ E5 Q1 L-W

Depending on the size! ! X-L/ F9 B & J: G+ I2 `9 A

1 The degree of concave in the back of the waist; x5?! P9]# f & ~% q5 s

2 According to the relaxation of pants

3 Depending on the pants & h7 z* j3 a# |, R0 W

Women can also use 13 degrees at 13 degrees and 11 degrees.

7. Surprons 7 _ “e (x, k?} 5 _5 v p8 q%` & l! ^

Men use 1.5 or slightly small

Women’s use 1.5-1.8cm

The maximum abdomen can be 2-4cm% l2 & n & y% z; ^8 a) @6 ^9 A. K0 w

8 -degree angle on the side of the human body

The side sewing of jeans is below 1.8-2cm, and the low waist is as low as the lower value.

In the case of a certain amount of hip and waist difference, the smaller the middle range, the deeper the depth, the larger the file, the larger the inclined form, the larger the rear, the increase in the front film,/ L, _+ I (D p0 y

The borrowing volume of the buttocks in front and rear, (the horizontal line will be lowered, remember: not all the pants versions are set from the waist and mouth to 55cm to set the horizontal line.

As for why, think about it, I can’t say more here) For example: pencil pants, boots, pants, etc.

Conversely, the larger the mid -range, the smaller the file, the shallower the stand, the smaller the inclined in the rear, the smaller the later, the lower the front film,

The dragon gate is widening.

For example: A, wide -foot pants, the best proof

In the process of making the board, the most commonly used formula H/4 ± 1 for the depth of the crotch. There are also TL/10+H/10+x. These two formulas can be cope with some basic styles. The current shape of the pants is abnormal, and the length of the same pants is combined with different relaxation volumes into different levels of waist positions. In this case, using the above formulas, some experienced friends will have a deep or shallow situation of the crotch or shallow, and there is no accurate adjustment concept. Here’s the principle of the determination of my opposite crotch to everyone. ; F “F5 B! E-H: W7 o

First measure the human body, obtain the height of the human body, and then divide the seat height into a four -class line. From the bottom to the top to the top line, the hip bump point, and the middle point of three quarters is the abdominal bump point. Then according to the waist level you need, minus a certain amount in the seat height. The rest is the depth of the crotch. Head 3cm.

One 160/64A female seat height 27.5

The waist seat height reduces the amount of waist circumference plus the crotch bottom gap in the gap of the hips 2 n5 d $ e8 m8 o p+ l) l c. I “~

High waist 0 0 ~ 2 +0 ≥4

Special low waist 11 8 ~ 10 +≥4 /? 6 k0 o) q2 e* k# u ‘d5 x

Low waist 7.5 6 ~ 8 +0 ≥ 4

Positive waist 4 2 ~ 4 +0 ≥4 5 p + a & n; g ‘y, m

Positive waist 4 0 ~ 2 +1 ~ 2 ≥10 9 k3 v* t “{/ p; m” w

270/74A Male seat height 27.51 W-?# V. V T. D Z

Lumbar seat height reduction, waist circumference plus amount of crotch bottom gap, hip sedation relaxation model

Special low waist 10 8 ~ 10 1+ 0 4 ~ 8 Patch 7 k ‘y8 t0 v; g# g+ z7 ~ 6 b

Low waist 6.5 6 ~ 8 1+ 0 4 ~ 8 Patch % W+ V7 U3 G “C5 S (x !?; I

Slightly low waist 5 4 ~ 6 1+0 ~ 0.5 8 ~ 12 fit

Positive waist 4 2 ~ 4 1+1 12 ~ 16 Compared with the body type ({, f (r5 k2 _ (w: m

Positive waist 4 2 ~ 4 1+≥2 ≥16 loose type # o5 n (w $} 8 y7 F & O

The above rotation does not contain the width of the waist. It is a design of some basic models. The special models can be freely designed according to their principles. The value after the amount of gap at the crotch is added to the additional number when the picture is drawn. The amount of gap between the bottom of the crotch is the amount of gap at the bottom of the crotch at the bottom of the crotch designed by the pants. The reason) also worked as a deliberate effect on the decoration effect.

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