Cold Knowledge of locomotive: Why should you set up a “wrist care” on the brake oil pot?

Are you very puzzled? Why do some people set up a “wrist care” like a “wrist care” on the brake oil pot? In fact, this approach began to appear in the late 1980s, wrapping the cloth on the brake oil pot. This thing seems to be called: Reservoir Tank Sock Cover, translated about the “liquid storage tank socks”. In our opinion, it is something similar to the wrist care for basketball.

However, in recent years, this approach has become fewer and fewer on commercial vehicles, but many MOTOGP machines are still in use. It is definitely not only a decorative effect. When playing basketball or playing tennis, this wristband has a sweat -proof effect on the arm. On the motorcycle, the reason for installing it on the brake oil pot is also very similar, to “prevent the brakes from exposing”.


According to the reference materials, the brake fluid in the oil pot has a strong permeability. Due to the nature of the brake fluid, it can easily damage the paint. Therefore, even if the lid of the oil pot is closed tightly, it may still leak a little, but it will not leak to the level of dripping, unless there is a problem. Another reason is that due to the nature of certain materials, the brake liquid will corrode the oil pot. If you touch the windshield or helmet lens of the vehicle, even a small amount of brake fluid will cause obvious visibility loss.


If it is transmitted at a speed of 300km/h, even a small amount of bubble -shaped adhesion will become a serious problem. This is why the car takes all possible measures to absorb the brake liquid that may be secreted by this cover. However, it is also said that it is to prevent long -term exposure to the deterioration of the brake oil under ultraviolet rays, and it is also said that it is to protect the damage of bumps to protect the brake oil pot.


All in all, all kinds of statements seem to have their own truth, but fewer and fewer people now use this, because after taking the “wrist care”, they feel good -looking. After all, they are a minority. The problem has been slowly overcome, and this approach seems to gradually become a feeling.

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