36 beautiful INS wind accessories! There are all earrings rings, with a minimum of five cents

Hi sisters are okay ~ This is your cute master!

Today’s Mengzhu is a bit sad, because the earrings I bought were lost again! Intersection Intersection 3 pairs of earrings have been lost this month, and the earrings are not cheap! Intersection

Don’t buy this small thing, don’t buy too expensive, because you are really distressed, after all, poor

By the way, it is recommended that you must store it well, but do n’t learn the master! Intersection Buying this storage box or storage bag is really practical. You can buy it a few dollars on the competence.

In fact, earrings are not easy to use as the basic model in accessories!


Nothing, improving temperament and fashion are not in the case!

So every time I go out, I will wear earrings without makeup.


With some skirts and T -shirt items casually, it is a delicate and beautiful girl who looks better than others ~

Choosing the right earrings is really comparable to cosmetic surgery!

It is simple and refreshing. As long as one more pair of earrings, the shape is bright!

“The earrings are the temperament of a woman”,

Don’t look at the small accessories, but it can give people a completely different feeling.

Because it modifies the effect of the face shape,

Choose the right earrings and use visual transfer, the face -to -face effect!

And it seems that the whole person is very delicate ~


In fact, buying earrings on Taobao is really cheap,


But on 1688, 10 yuan can buy a bunch of well -Kang accessories.


Speaking of 1688, it can really be said to be

The paradise of the slum girl!

Previously, there were friends who specialized from 1688 wholesale a lot of accessories to set up the stalls. You can earn 500 in one night.

Suddenly discovered the way of wealth!

Just like Mengzhu, since I knew 1688, I always wanted to see if there was the same paragraph every time I bought it, harmful,

The poor make me more live


SOSO, today the master can’t help but share with my sisters some of my treasures!

The style is good, the quality HIN is absolutely good! There is no middleman to earn the difference, it can really be said that it is a shoppingrator’s paradise HHH


Earrings partial French retro and gentle


, I think of each of them with a good name, really love, and the silver needle model and triangular pad ear clip. I asked it was 925 silver needles. Pick it up and pick it out!


There are two, recognizing the large number of fans,

It’s not sure if the other family is the same family, this one is similar to the first style, but in general


It is sweet and fresh, with a variety of styles, which can meet the needs of most sisters.


This shop is also very popular, and it is wide to see their fans!

There are also many styles of its family, you can find all the styles you want here!


The new speed is also very fast. In terms of style, there are more sweet styles of Mori.

Do you like the strange and cute feeling? This shop can really satisfy you,


The design is relatively exaggerated, the color is jumping, and the Amir has a lot of materials. A shop with a personality must try.


This shop is mainly to go


Light luxury style is a metal texture jewelry,

Therefore, the price is slightly more expensive than other stores, with an average price of about 15 yuan. But the texture is online, and it will not be faded.

Sisters who like cute and fresh feelings must come to Kangkang, the bright color is so cute!

The texture is also good, and the average price of earrings is about 2 yuan.

Okay, today’s treasure shops are shared with you


Hurry up and go to get your treasure ear jewelry ~

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