Wind -like teenager

Provincial single -row wheel slippery championship, Guangzhou Haizhu District Industrial Avenue primary and secondary school team against the Thunder Cavaliers.


Lei Dong quantity, fourth grade, defender;

Zhu Zixuan, fourth grade, striker;

Yin Zhihao, sixth grade, right back;

Liang Jiabao, fifth grade, goalkeeper


Huang Ning, sixth grade, left forward;

Wearing a helmet, wearing a heavy “battle clothes”, the children holding the bending club immediately turned into a full -martial arts chasing boy. Step and chase a black cake -shaped ball- “ice hockey”.

Rolling balls are a comprehensive confrontation movement that integrates technology, tactics, intelligence, and physical fitness, which is loved by teenagers. Roller skating is derived from ice hockey. It refers to athlete wearing roller skates. On the ground such as wood, plastic, cement, holding the club to shoot the ball into the opponent’s goal. Projects that pay attention to tactical coordination.

With the proposal of “300 million people participating in the ice and snow sports” and “Ice and Snow Sports Northbound Expansion to the West”, the roller skating project ushered in a new era. As a well -known national roller skating province in Guangdong Province, the number of participants in the National Championships has always topped the list of the country, especially the number of participants in rotation balls.

Guangzhou Daily All -Media Reporter Chen Youzi Photography Report

From November 14th to 15th, the 2020 Guangdong Single Running Ball Championship was conducted at the Guangdong Rolling Skating Comprehensive Training Base of Guangdong Province, Shunde District, Foshan City. One of the teams. This team with only ten children and other well -trained club teams are a bit immature than compared to them. Although they went all out, they eventually lost three group stages.

“Teacher, why are they so powerful? We can’t beat it.” The 11 -year -old Shoumi Liang Jiabao was sweaty after the game, and he asked the coach while scratching his neck.

“This club is the national champion of last year. You lost to them without shame. But the end of the game, whether losing ten goals or twenty goals, I don’t want to see someone on the court ‘shopping’, hear it?” The coach was not angry. Since I am, “two striker, you have to grab the ball when you press it, don’t care if you will wrestle, you will get up when you fall!” The team members listened carefully and nodded silently. “I am very satisfied with everyone. Although they lost, they each played more than the previous game.” In the opinion of Mr. Liu Zhiming, the small team, the team members were not discouraged and frightened because of the loss of the ball. They learned and reflected in the competition and grew up in failure. “This sport allows them to learn hardships, and keep focusing on doing things.”


Gongxiao led the sports teacher, the princess Guang told reporters that the school has been trying to promote the roller skating project in the school five years ago. At present, this team is currently graduating from the old players. The new players are still familiar with the technology. During the period, training is often not enough, the number of people is limited, and the technical level is definitely insufficient. He has no expectations for the results of the game, and more importantly, letting children hone their willpower in the process of participating in the competition.


“The most harvested in the past few years are persistence and friendship.” Captain Yin Zhihao is a student of the three classes in the sixth year of the work. He believes that the sport of the rotation ball taught him how to cooperate with his teammates. “This sports project does not rely on one person. You can do it well. “Zhihao said. In school, he trained with his teammates all year round. He eats and sleeps together during the game. This kind of friendship will never be erased.

Source: Guangzhou Daily

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