What are the porch partition design schemes? What are the taboos of Feng Shui taboos?

It is necessary to divide the space between the porch and the living room to ensure that it is a good design method to increase the partition in the indoor privacy, but what are the porch partition design schemes? In addition to the beauty of the porch partition, it is necessary to pay attention to the relevant Feng Shui taboos to avoid violating violations The taboos are troublesome. What are the taboos of the porch partition?

1. What are the porch partition design schemes?

1. Porch shoe cabinet partition

Most families’ entrance to the entrance of the door will be combined with the shoe cabinet, which can be used as a shoe cabinet, and can also be used as a porch partition. You can put some decorations or daily necessities on the partition, and the shoes can be placed below, which has the effect of extraction.

2. Carved screen partition

The porch partition will also be designed as carved screen partitions in many people. This is more suitable for retro decoration style. It is similar to the screen, that is, it can block the sight and the decorative effect is very good.

3. Art porch partition

Many young people now like artistic porch partitions. They can be decorated with different shapes by disassembling and assembly. They are artistic and fashionable.

2. What are the taboos of Feng Shui taboos?

1. The shape of the porch partition

First of all, the shape of the porch partition must be paid attention to. The lower part of the porch partition must be solid. This can prevent air flow from leakage and more conducive to gathering money. The entire porch partition material can choose hollow Bogu racks, frosted glass, etc., which is conducive to improving light.


2. The material taboo of the porch partition

Porch partitions should also pay attention to the choice of material, because its material will also affect family feng shui, like the peach wood of the main peach blossom, the sandalwood of the main Ningshen, the metal of the main fortune, etc. Therefore, when choosing the partition material Feng Shui.

3. High contraindication of porch partition

The porch partition Feng Shui is also particular about the height. It should not be too high or too low. Generally, 2M is more appropriate. And it is best to design a transparent glass partition, which will not let the outer air go straight to the living room, and the porch will look more spacious.

4. Taboo of lighting taboos of porch partition

The lighting of the porch is often worse, and the porch needs a bright environment. The sun represents the yang, which can disperse the mildew, and it will greatly help the family feng shui. Therefore, if the porch wants to light well, it cannot be used too heavy materials during design, and it should not be designed too large. It is best to use hollow or glass material, and the light will be sufficient.

What are the porch partition design schemes? The porch partition design has various possibilities. The key is to see what the owner likes and how much the position of the porch is. What are the taboos of the porch partition? If you are worried that you have violated the relevant Feng Shui taboos, it is best to find a professional Feng Shui to come to the house to see it.

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