Age reduction artifact!These strap skirts make you look 18 years old!

The permanent lasting of the strap skirt depends on its versatile fashion sense. Whether the students are fresh or small, the strap skirt has become their favorite.Summer has passed, and many places have entered the winter mode of winter.


High -waist strap skirt+sweater

Ink -green high -waisted strap skirt+turtleneck sweater, casual and versatile, light -familiar route, no matter how to wear or dating, it does not lose the field.

Black slim high waist skirt+lace inner 掿


If you want to match the style slightly mature and elegant, try this type of matching, mature and capable.

Mao woolen long skirt+white shirt

Caramel color, as the popular color of this year, can start with one. It is beautiful with white and black inside!

Small fresh denim strap skirt

The denim skirt can be worn in four seasons. In winter, it is echoed with fallen leaves and autumn.

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