Outdoor trousers with windproof and cold resistance, severe friction without breaking files, the Arctic Fox Brand of Dirty Suds

The itinerary of this outdoor activity put on FJällräven Arctic Fox Keb Trousers climbing pants, so that the entire trip should be breathable and breathable; Imagination. Especially for people like us for a long time, it is a very useful outdoor equipment.

When you put on the first day, you can’t wait to test one on the side of the side, there are four breathable zippers on the left and right sides. Because I am a very afraid of heat, I always wear super thin trousers in the past to avoid discomfort caused by sweltering during walking. I originally wanted to say that this time the Arctic fox trousers are thicker, and it should be sultry, but after pulling the four breathable zippers on the left and right sides, there is no sense of heat. Depending on the current environmental adjustment, it is very flexible.

The breathable zipper and logo on the thighs above


The breathable zipper at the calf below


The high-machine function of the Arctic Fox pants allows me to enter the mountain forest smoothly. FJällräven Arctic Fox Keb Trousers climbing pants can sit on the front and back of the hips to use a large-scale well-known G -000 fabric to provide good wear resistance and wear resistance and Waterproofing, and most of the air -breathable elastic fabrics are used in the rear. There is a good activity space when crossing the wood or a higher gap. It will not be restricted by action due to the tailoring of the pants.

The dark green is G -000 fabric, light green is elastic breathable fabric

G -000 fabric uses a large area in front


In addition to the special tailoring, the FJällräven Arctic Fox Keb Trousers also has a lot of mysterious small features. For example, there is a button that can adjust the pants and legs at the bottom of the trousers. Follow -up, avoid entering the shoes when there are small gravel or soil. In addition, there is a buckle similar to leg tie in front of the legs, which can be buckled on the shoelaces to increase the combination of pants and shoes.


The tight buckle band can be adjusted at the bottom of the trouser leg

Fastening that can be combined with shoelaces

FJällr 北ven Arctic Fox Keb Trousers climbing pants have a very favorite design that my pocket is super large. There are two pockets on each side of the left and right sides. There are two particularly large pockets in front of the thigh. In addition, there are zippers, you can put some important things without fear of falling out. And in front of the thigh, don’t worry about the pockets when walking will affect the movement. When watching high water, even a folding umbrella and a portable water filter in a pocket, it is really easy to use.


Oversized pocket

FJällr 北ven Arctic Fox Keb Trousers climbing pants on the knee of the knee is very convenient to reserve bending space. The hip G -000 fabric can avoid grinding when sitting on the ground. If the pants are worn, it is not only embarrassing but also heartache. Recently, I am refining the skills of lightweight equipment, and I do n’t have a hard wide -mouth kettle. It can be used to save the water with a soft kettle with a water filter. It can be drunk directly. It can save the weight of kettle and gas tanks.


The clothes, pants, and hats are very handsome, but drinking water is still not handsome

It is easy to produce dew in the morning. In the past, I had almost no waterproof performance when I wore thin pants. The pants would basically be wet. It was really uncomfortable when I walked up and wet. After the Keb Trousers passed through the wet arrow bamboo shrub, the outside of the pants was almost covered with dew, and even a bit soaked. The state is very excellent, and it will be done soon, which can effectively maintain comfort.


The outside is covered with dew, very humid


Almost all of the inner side


The day before the water was poured by the stream, it would also form a small water bead.

This time I tested this FJällräven Arctic Fox Keb Trousers climbing pants, so that the itinerary was very smooth. The excellent functionality and functions of pants improved the comfort of my entire itinerary a lot, especially outdoor hobbies like us who often leave the traditional path. So it is a piece of pants worth buying.

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