The beauty of fashion travel photography: linen print dress, thin waist and thin waist highlight the beautiful small waist

Life photography costumes match show, show you the frontier trendy clothing for you, showing you the moving moment of photography.


In the beauty of spring, we need a dress to show the most beautiful season and the most harmonious mood. I will share with you this dress that is particularly suitable for travel and photography. The light blue irregular printing, stylish and mellow, female skin is white and beautiful in the photography lens. The fashionable long skirt with cardigan, cloth buckle, wide waist seal, neckline, and side seam pockets can be worn alone or inside. It is also beautiful to open a coat. It perfectly combines the gentle beauty of Oriental women with the art of photography.

Pure linen wire blended digital printing fabric, breathable, hygroscopic, skin -friendly.


You can also have this stylish dress. It is beautiful to wear selfies or use SLR photography.

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A very suitable skirt with a strong sense of art has some retro charm. The blue print and red wide waist seal are very cutting -edge of the beauty of color art.


Waist seal stitching, better modification of the waist and proportional lines, elegant and literary and not dull, making you more younger in a second and very slim and small waist. V -neck exposes a small section of the collarbone low -key; high waist, the small shrinking folds naturally formed up and down, the waist circumference is very good to modify the chest shape.


Line cotton filament blended fabric. The base cloth of pure linen, the gauze is super fine, the feel is refreshing, and you can feel the breathing of the fabric when you touch it. The texture is very gentle, and the printing effect creates the effect of wax dye. The color is full and the texture is clear. It eliminates the defects of uneven dyeing of simple waxy staining.

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